5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Washed in The Summer Months

It’s almost summertime. This means trips to the park, the zoo lake, and much more. Naturally that during the summer your car is likely to be battered! Maintaining your vehicle’s cleanliness in the summer months is an absolute must for anyone who wants to extend the lifespan of their car and keep it looking healthy.

Here are the top five reasons to ensure your car is cleaned this summer.

1. Keep The Dirt Out Of Your Eyes!

Summertime brings dirt, sand, and mud. It’s great to play in, but it could be a disaster for the appearance of your car. Dirt and mud can be laden with harmful particles, which could harm the vehicle’s body and paint.

This is especially the case when mud is allowed to “bake on” during the hot Michigan summers. As time passes the dried dirt, mud and sand could cause premature wear on the body of the vehicle and paint. Make sure you clean it up!

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2. No Fun In The Sunflow

Everyone loves the summer sunshine. Your car? Well, not really. Direct sunlight and intense heat can accelerate the aging process of vehicles. This is especially true for bugs, mud or bird feces that “bakes” onto the vehicle surface. In time, this may damage the paint and lead to fading. If your vehicle has minor flaws (microscopic cracks on the surface such as) the intense heat may make it worse.

3. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

A very challenging aspects of keeping your vehicle tidy in summer is dealing with those pests that are always around. Your bumper, grill and windshield are never able to be secure! Beyond appearing “bleh!” as time passes Dead bugs could begin to harm your car. When they degrade over time, they may cause blemishes and fades to the body’s paint surface.

4. Pollen, Pollen Go Away!

Allergy sufferers, we’re aware that we’re preaching to the choir on this issue! Many of us pollen and allergens are the most unpleasant part of the summer season. But did anyone know that pollen could even cause damage to your car?

If you look at it closely it is clear that pollen is actually covered with tiny “thorns” all over it. They “thorns” are what causes pollen to “stick” to your car. They also can create tiny scratches on the car’s surface. These scratches may not be apparent to the naked eye, but they could cause problems. Get rid of it!

5. More Rain = More Problems

There’s something wonderful about the sound of a Michigan rainstorm in summertime. But, rain that isn’t enough can create additional issues for your car. Acidic rain may cause damages to vehicles over the course of time. Rain also brings particles and pollutants that cause stains or spots on the vehicle’s surface.

There aren’t many people who bother to clean their cars in the rain. But washing your car after a rain will help eliminate any harmful elements nature has brought!

What Should I Do?

Cleaning your car during the summer is an excellent option for those who want to prolong the lifespan of their car and avoid expensive paint work and keep it sparkling and tidy! Plan to drop at any of our Extreme clean places this summer to keep your car in tip-top shape for the season!

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