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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Bathroom Décor With Complete Bathroom Set

Guide to Renovate your Bathroom with Complete Bathroom Sets

Bathrooms have become a place to relax, refresh, and recollect your thoughts after a long tiring day at work. It needs some new décor elements for your complete bathroom set and even possibly a renovation to make you feel at home. But an ordinary bathroom isn’t enough to help you unwind. We often think that décor is all about bringing more and more elements into our complete bathroom suite. However, when it comes to decoration, there are many ways when less can be more. For example, a little makeover for your bathroom shower suite décor can bring a huge change to your bathroom. It can be adding wall décor pieces

If you want your bathroom shower suite to provide you with a welcoming and lively experience the moment, you enter, be ready to make some design changes. We have accumulated six ways to spruce up or decorate the walls of your bathroom for a soothing experience.

  1.     Be Creative with Wall Art

To make your complete bathroom sets look more appealing at first look, you need to be a little creative with the wall art. Perhaps, get a little inspiration from gallery walls. But instead of loading the walls with art pieces, it is better if you focus on a specific art piece, especially if you don’t want any hassle with the cleaning.

Secondly, don’t go for something expensive for your en-suite because bathrooms have humid environments that may damage those precious art pieces. Prefer hanging something refined and affordable that is protected from excessive humidity.

  1.     Install Shelves

Since many of us spend most of our time readying ourselves in front of the mirrors in the morning, there should be adequate shelve space in the room to place all your skincare products and bathroom essentials without getting too congested. You may use the left-out space with some fine décor pieces to amplify the interior space making it more spa-like. Do note that open shelves are the ones to go with to arrange your shampoos, perfume bottles, rolled towels, and small plant pots.

  1.     Hang Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are just as essential to a bathroom as a vanity unit or a shower enclosure. In case you want to enrich the walls with some décor elements, mirrors can be a way to bring an artistic look to the room. While beautiful framed mirrors impart a style statement to the room, larger ones are helpful in creating a sense of extra space in congested bathroom spaces. From circular frames to gilt-framed ones, there are a lot of mirror types to choose from.

  1.  Replace Shelves with Alcoves

Although shelves are a necessary fixture to add to a complete bathroom set, going with the same shelves throughout the room would make the room look placid and less lively. If you are willing to add diversity, you might want to replace a few shelves with alcoves for a unique visual experience. Not to mention, they perfectly suit bathtubs allowing to place shampoos, soaps, bath bombs, candles, and whatnot. All you need to do is make sure there is a wall cavity deep enough to store your bathing essentials.

  1.  Apply Wallpaper

The wall decoration practice of the 80s and 90s is back, perhaps with a better and more diverse range of visuals. And just like the old days, they can spruce your wall décor without requiring much effort or any regular maintenance. You can choose between a plethora of patterns and designs, including stripes, geometries, or traditional floral patterns used back in the day.

For those looking to be a bit more creative with the décor, you can choose the main wall to apply wallpapers instead of generalizing it throughout the room. This will help you pick out a feature wall with a bold accent that appeals to the eye at a glance.

  1. Use Bathroom Plants


Indoor plants are a great way to spruce up the space with a complete bathroom set. It is not only trendy décor but also makes you feel closer to nature in the bathroom. There are many types of plants that thrive in a humid environment. Some of these are snake plants, ivy, peace lily, aloe vera, etc. Many of them are flowering plants that look incredibly good. It is important that you consider the requirements of sunlight and water before choosing the one for your bathroom. In case you are looking for something that requires less maintenance, then you should consider succulent or cactus. If you have a bit extra space available in the bathroom, fern and bamboo can be a better choice.   

Final Thoughts.

Your bathroom is a sanctuary and the place where you go to relax. It’s a place to unwind, get ready for the day, and enjoy a little luxury. There are many ways to add a little style to your bathroom without spending a lot of money. You can spruce up your complete bathroom set with some new paint or wall decals. You can also add some new lighting or towel racks. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can even redo your entire bathroom in an updated style that is current and fresh.

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