7 Money saving hacks for car rental

Unless you’re hiring a convertible or another fancy vehicle, renting a car is usually the least exciting aspect of a trip. Why spend a premium for a set of wheels that most tourists require to get from point A to point B? Whether you’re flying for a holiday or doing a road trip with your family, renting a car is a necessity. It can also eat up a significant portion of your vacation cash.

Renting a car is such an integral aspect of the trip experience that you’d think the process would be simple and transparent—yet it’s everything but. Many tourists are unsure of how to hire a car without committing a few basic blunders. Is it necessary for me to get extra insurance? Isn’t it possible to pay to gas the car? Should I be concerned about false damage claims, as I’ve heard horror stories about them? Is it OK if no one else comes to view the car with me? Is it possible for me to drive to another country? Do I require all of the add-ons available at the rental counter? These concerns arise almost every time someone leases a car. Again, this isn’t a clear situation.

These vehicle rental tactics, which include the hidden site that all seasoned renters utilize, can help you save money on your next rental.

  • Avoid overpaying for gas

Most car rental agencies expect you to return the vehicles with a full tank of gas, and they’ll typically let you prepay for gas. This is almost always a bad bargain. Instead, select the cheapest nearby station using an app and fill the tank yourself. Keep in mind that gas stations near the airport are frequently overpriced; you’re usually better off filling up around 10 miles away.

  • Don’t forget to take pictures/ videos of the final inspection

Take out your phone and take a few photographs or maybe a video of any dings or scrapes during your initial walk around the rental car. This isn’t a replacement for reporting these faults to a rental agency employee as soon as you notice them, but it does provide proof in case your rental company tries to charge you for damages you didn’t cause after the fact. Text the photos to someone for a quick timestamp that verifies the dings and scrapes were there at the time of rental.

  • Before insurance, check benefits from your Credit card

Is the costly insurance that the rental vehicle salesman is attempting to sell you truly necessary? Perhaps not. If you pay for your rental car using a credit card, you may be eligible for some forms of rental car insurance. It’s worth calling your credit card issuer or checking the terms and conditions of your card to see what coverage you currently have. Your personal auto insurance coverage at home may also cover you.

  • Ask for a free one-way rental

One-way car rentals are famously costly since the rental company often levies a fee to cover the expense of returning the vehicle to its original location. But what if you’re truly helping the corporation by driving it to its destination?

That’s the basis of the firm, which advertises cars that need to be relocated from one location to another; if you’re ready to drive, you may have a car or camper for a very low price—or even for nothing.

  • Compare rates of different versions of the same company

When hiring a car in a foreign nation, use both your home country and the local version of the car rental company website. For example, I checked costs for a three-day automobile hire on the website of one rental firm. The site gave me a charge of $110 for a compact car with a manual gearbox, but another rental firm offered a rate of 65.88 GBP for the identical vehicle, which works out to just $80.21 at the current currency rate—a roughly 30% reduction.

First, if the price difference is insignificant, your credit card may cancel it out totally if you pay in a foreign currency. Second, if you’re attempting to reserve a car rental on a website in a language you don’t understand, this car rental hack can be difficult. Google Translate and other machine translators aren’t always accurate, and you should double-check the terms and conditions before booking.

  • Even after booking, get better rates

When you reserve a prepaid flight and then find a cheaper flight, you’re pretty much screwed—but not when you hire a car. Most rental agencies allow you to book a car without paying in advance, giving you the flexibility to cancel or amend your reservation later if a better price becomes available.

If you don’t want to waste time shopping after you’ve booked your reservation, promotions will take care of it for you. You may book directly on the site or enter your existing reservation number from the vehicle rental operator, and you will be eligible for discounts if a lower rate becomes available. Read more about Car Window Customization.

  • Book for cheapest car model

Choose the least expensive option. It might be a little economy car or a bargain on a mid-size vehicle. Before you book, be sure to go through all of the automobile options and costs. When you arrive, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to upgrade.


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