A Review of the Star Fusion Restaurant in Philadelphia

When a Philadelphia fast food restaurant opened its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Darlene Jones saw an opportunity. She decided to open a new location and hire people who had previously been incarcerated. In addition to hiring the formerly incarcerated, Jones has developed a recipe that is a hit with fans of cheesesteak spring rolls. The following is a review of her restaurant. Read on to learn about the recipe and find out how to order your favorite dish!

Star Fusion Restaurant, 5178 Parkside Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Darlene Jones, owner of Philadelphia’s Star Fusion Restaurant, is taking advantage of Philadelphia Black Restaurant Week to celebrate the culinary contributions of African and Caribbean cuisine. Her first restaurant opened in 2015 and now, her second one is hiring formerly incarcerated people. She recently shared her secret recipe for the cheesesteak spring roll. It’s a crowd-pleaser! Read on for more information. The Philadelphia Black Restaurant Week is taking place Oct. 16 to 25.

Imperial Start Fusion is located about 10 minutes from campus and serves a three-course lunch menu. Monday through Saturday, the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday hours are 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. The menu features seafood, jerk platters, and curry dishes.



Star Fusion Express created by Chef/Owner Darlene Jones is a Fast Casual & Sustainable takeout Restaurant with outside seating. Offering Salads smash Burgers , Seafood & some PlantBase options , but our speciality’s are our chicken wings and Spring Rolls using our 17 different variety of HomeMade Sauces and Hand rolled spring rolls made on our premises . all of our sauces dips and salad dressing are made in house we are innovation offering contactless ordering by way of in-store Kiosk or the No wait option where you can save some time and order online and receive a text message or email once your food is ready we strive to be a locally source sustainable restaurant for the New World

A concept created by Celebrity Chef Darlene Jones is the owner of the Star Fusion Brand, a series of West Philadelphia-based restaurants that fuses American, Caribbean and Thai cuisines. The gourmet eateries are known for its variety of 17 types of chicken wings, seven kinds of spring rolls and seafood mac and cheese. Now available for takeout and delivery with Star Fusion Express.

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