AA Meetings in Wisconsin: From the Perspective of a Non-Drinker

If you may have watched crime dramas or read crime thrillers, you might have observed that addicts are often portrayed as criminals. They are the junkies, the shady guys and gals, the ill-groomed with shabby dressing, and those with hardly an etiquette acceptable by society. 

However, in real life, addicts are different. To be precise, they are human. Just like you and me. And they have shortcomings, again, just like you and me. 

So, what’s the difference between you and the addict? 

At the end of a hard day, you lounge at the bar and enjoy a drink. Then you head home, spend time with family, eat a healthy meal, sleep better. Wake up the next morning, do the chores, and head to work. You live life responsibly. 

Now here’s the difference. 

An addict can’t stop drinking. They often lose track of time, of their responsibilities. They shirk family time; in fact, family members avoid them. They don’t want to eat, just want another drink. They can’t sleep and if they do, they can’t wake. They don’t feel like doing anything else, even activities they once enjoyed. 

It’s like, now, they are in control of alcohol. There are different treatments available to help you. Meanwhile, we highly suggest a medication assisted treatment which provide a holistic approach to the treatment of alcohol or drug abuse.

AA meetings can be a game-changer for addicts. 

The aa meetings help addicts come out of the clutches of addiction and regain a grip on their life. They can fight the social stigma and prove to the world they aren’t those shady characters portrayed in movies and novels. 

They prove they are like you and me, only that, along the path of life, they slipped and fell in the grimy valleys of addiction. But, if you and I are true humans, then we mustn’t label them or misjudge them. Instead, we can help them retrieve their real self by aiding them in finding AA meetings in Wisconsin

Fighting two battles at the same time

The sad part of an addict’s life is that people think they are deliberately destroying their life, when the truth is: they, no longer, have control over their life. Drugs and alcohol control their life. They are unable to stop drinking or taking drugs. Many want to, but can’t. 

It’s for people like these that tools like Sobriety Calculator, therapy sessions, meetings, rehab programs, and counseling help. 

Addicts fight two battles simultaneously:

  • They fight the society that labels them as bad, criminals, dirty, disobedient, miscreants, and so on
  • They fight their own addiction

Society constantly scorns them. They ostracize them from public functions and social events. They consider addicts as unworthy. 

At the same time, they must fight those monstrous cravings that make them as desperate as ever. They have come to a level where, if they don’t drink, they would die. Their bodies have become so used to alcohol that it creates terrible withdrawal symptoms, which can be life-threatening. 

That’s why an addict needs a safe and guided path to de-addiction. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous provide just that. 

If you have an addict around you, please help them, not avoid them. For more information, please visit


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