Difference Between Single Over Double Beds and Single Over Full Beds

With so many mattress sizes to choose from, it’s no easy feat to determine which is perfect for your needs.

If you’re a single sleeper looking for a space-appropriate mattress, or a family man, you’ve likely come across the terms “double” and “full” bed.

So what’s the difference between a single over double and single over full?

Dig further to discover the considerations of the double and full beds.

History of the Double and Full Bed

Before you go any further, here’s a brief history of the term double and full bed.

The name “full” became prevalent in the 1870s when American furniture companies standardized the size of double beds. Full mattresses really became the standard size for a double bed in the United States while a Twin beds actually became the standard size for a single bed, while

The term originated from hotels that used to place two single beds together to make a double.

This inevitably means a double bed and a full-size mattress are the exact same with the same dimensions- 54 inches by 75 inches. And in most mattress manufacturing companies, they are used interchangeably.

Single Over Doubles and Single Over Full

Since we’ve established that single over Double and single over full are the same thing, just with different histories of use, what is a single over doubles style of mattress?

Single over Full bed refers to a bunk bed where a single or twin mattress is placed over a full bed.

This bedding style is popular in dorms, families with children, and prison cells. They are not only compact, but they can stay comfortably in small living areas.

What to Consider When Choosing Mattress Size

#1. Height

The full or double bed size was the standard for couples until the 1950s. It is known that this bunk style is mostly preferred for families with children or students in dorms. Whatever the case, full-sized beds are only 6’4″ long. This means that taller people may find them uncomfortable.

#2. Room Size

If you have limited space, then this single over double bedding style will work just fine for you. With just 75 inches in length, this bedding can fit into a reasonable space and still leave room for other essential furniture.

#3. Thickness

The third consideration is the thickness of the foam. Most mattresses range in thickness from about 9 to 12 inches.

With research, it has been discovered that the right amount of plushness that will leave you sleeping like a baby is exactly 11 inches. That’s something to consider in your next mattress shopping.


The single over double bed is a beautiful alternative if you live in a compact area. You don’t have to feel limited to options. Choose the right mattress that will give you a chance at luxury. Who said you need a queen bed to feel regal? Get a Single over double bed today

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