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Do Vape Juices Go Bad?

The majority of vape occasionally find themselves with far more Eightvape Juice than they actually need. They have been staring at their bottles for a long when they have a thought.

Vape juices DO expire, right?

The reply is “yes.” E-liquid has an actual expiration date that is not just there for decoration. While nicotine oxidation and flavouring degradation account for the majority of changes in vape liquid, Eightvape Juice has a shelf life of between one and two years thanks to both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Aging will have various effects depending on the liquid. The flavour and nicotine content of older e-liquids will typically be weaker.

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When vape juice is contaminate, what happens?

There are numerous potential outcomes when Eightvape Juice develops.

Numerous substances that are isolate make up Eightvape Juice. Its component pieces can sometimes begin to drift apart. Our bottles are labelled “SHAKE WELL” since some separation is typical. Older Eightvape Juice would not come together, not even after a thorough shake. It’s also possible that certain flavours or particles have solidified and are resistant to dissolving with heat or mixing. If that were the case, vaping the e-liquid would be an unnecessary danger.

Color Variations: E-liquids, especially those with nicotine, have a tendency to get darker with time. Particularly the nicotine-containing e-juices will become darker with time. It is typical to reply in that way. To change its form, nicotine passes through oxidation, a chemical interaction with oxygen. During this process, the liquid for vaping also becomes darker. However, it’s time to change your liquid if it starts to appear noticeably darker than it did at first or starts to change to colours other than yellow and brown.

  • Vape fluids, when they are brand-new and still in their original bottles, should taste and smell amazing. But tastes degrade with time, losing some of their flavour or other profile elements. If an Eightvape Juice doesn’t even somewhat resemble how you remember it taste, it’s time to choose a new juice.
  • Thickness: Eightvape Juice that has significantly thickened or become runnier than when it was first mixed is generally undesirable. It might make vaping uncomfortable, harm your coils, or result in a tank leak, in addition to other possible consequences.
  • Nicotine Content – Because nicotine degrades over time, the vape liquid’s nicotine content will diminish over time. Expired Eightvape Juice has a terrible flavour and is unable to provide you with the nicotine you require.

Evoo’s expiration is cause by what?

All of the e-liquid will be gone if you wait too long. Any juice will degrade with time, but how quickly depends on a number of factors.

To start, the degradation of nicotine salts is more gradual than that of freebase nicotine. This is due to the fact that chemically speaking, they are salts rather than bases. Contrarily, nicotine degradation has no impact at all on e-liquids that don’t contain any nicotine.

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  • It will also affect how quickly it spoils based on the e-taste liquids. Each person’s taste changes differently throughout time. Fruity and floral aromas frequently degrade and change before more complex sensations like bread or custard. Because of this, the flavour profiles might change, which, while not necessarily unpleasant, might be frustrating. You wouldn’t want to purchase a bottle of Loaded Lemon Bar expecting a sour lemon dessert and receiving a tart puff of dough instead!
  • There are steps you can do to increase an e-shelf liquid’s life, even if you don’t have perfect control over the flavour or type of nicotine. The presence of heat, agitation, light, and air could hasten the degeneration of your e-liquid. Consequently, here are some suggestions to keep your Eightvape Juice fresh:
  • Try to avoid shaking or moving the bottles around unduly; only pop them open as needed. Store it away from sunlight in a cool, dark place.


Is that not spicing juice with thermal activation and light?

Yes! The same ageing processes are slightly accelerated by steeping to enhance e-juice flavour or make e-juices more consistent. It may taste better after a certain amount of ageing, just like when you let fruit ripen. Fruit that has been given too much will go rotten. According to our article on steeping e-liquid, vape liquids can also have their shelf lives reduced.

Tank Ejuice Contamination is Possible.

No explanation can be given as to why e-liquid can rot outside of a tank but not inside. Since e-liquids are frequently heat and transport, tanks are the perfect setting for them to mature quickly.

Expired juice can be vape.

In reality, taking one or two hits won’t likely cause you to die; in fact, many vapers initially realise their juice was taint after taking just one or two. There haven’t been any research conduct on the safety of tainted Eightvape Juice, though. What would happen if you vaped a lot of expired juice is unknown, as is whether it may be harmful to do so. If you’re not sure if your e-liquid is secure to vape, you could have come across this article.

We advise against it. The main ingredients in e-juices that break down are nicotine and taste. Inhaling an unappealing substance that didn’t satisfy your want for nicotine would be the likely effect. There isn’t much reason to try that when you can just buy a fresh bottle of Eightvape Juice.

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