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There are platforms like the Virtual Student-Research Center (VSR),,, The Future Project, etc. My goal is to make the process of finding research opportunities for high school students much easier by creating a directory of virtual research opportunities available to students today.

Instructors and universities

While the first wave of ed tech startups began as resources for instructors and universities, some of these startups have dived into the secondary school education realm. The Future of EdTech focuses on two companies that are creating open online spaces for high school students to find experienced researchers and work on research papers with them: Science Foo and MentorSim. The future of edTech looks very promising thanks to virtual research opportunities that are available for high school students. There are many online research platforms for high school students created as a result of the pandemic. We have chosen to present one of those platforms as an example because it differs from the rest of them in the following ways: 1) It is a social platform that allows for rapid growth as opposed to a publishing platform that has a more rigid structure. 2) It utilizes two-way communications between students and researchers rather than creating a one-way pipeline from students to researchers, and 3) it is affordable and can be used inexpensively by various levels of students. The Future of EdTech has been created to serve as a space for high school researchers. It was created by the CS division of the OISE/UT division of UofT, and Ryerson University.

Researching for their courses

This platform encourages students to engage in doing research with experienced researchers in the online environment. It lets them work on professional level papers, and connect with professors to aid them in researching for their courses. All of the platforms are free to use, although some universities or colleges may charge a significant fee for students to fulfill their research credits. One of the most important characteristics of these research platforms is that they are cross-disciplinary which will allow students to increase their network with researchers in many different areas, including natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. The Future of EdTech is an online app that helps teenagers find research opportunities. The platform aims to connect high school students, with the scientific community. Each of our online learning platforms is paired with real-world research opportunities that serve the same interests as you.

We serve high-impact students by bridging the gap between virtual and real-world experiences, while also getting you one step closer to your dream school! All of our undergraduates will have access to a Future of EdTech Scholarship worth up to $30,000, where they will be able to join research projects with researchers. Students can learn skills in natural language processing, computer vision, data science, C++, Python, Java, etc., while working on research projects that are real-life problems for companies like Google and Microsoft.

Group of researchers

This novel is for people who are facing emotional problems. The language used in this book is simple and its words are not that long. The vocabulary used in this book is familiar to everyone. The EdTech field is flooded with new applications, programs, and tools every year. At the end of 2018, a group of researchers started discussing new types of research opportunities for students who were interested in the world of academia, and decided to create several innovative platforms that would offer virtual research and writing opportunities for high school and pre-university students. There are multiple platforms that host virtual research opportunities for high school students, most of which are free. However, most of these platforms lack features that would make the process efficient and smooth-sailing for both researchers and volunteers, like having a set format for the paper or allowing communication between the researcher and the volunteer without knowledge of coding.

Researchers in meaningful ways

Actualize is trying to change this by creating a virtual lab where researchers can create projects based on their own research themes but seek help from high school students with knowledge in the field. The future of EdTech virtual spaces is the concept of bringing high school students together to do research with professors and other researchers in meaningful ways. The platforms capture the interest of the students in the human body and biology, or in investigating natural disasters. It will not be long until these platforms are in place in schools in rural areas where students would not normally have access to these opportunities. These are opportunities for high school students who are interested in research, but do not have access to much. The Future of EdTech platform is an online platform for experienced researchers to assist high school students in their experimental research. The platform serves as a virtual collaboration space for high school students to work with the researchers, record their researches, meet their needs, and interact with them in many different ways.



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