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There are some frequently asked questions that people ask real estate agents while hiring them. These FAQs are chosen from a common survey. However, there may be much more which you should ask. Knowing the answers to your questions helps you to find a better real estate agent. As a seller and as a buyer, you need to collect a lot of information to sell or buy the house at your proposed help.

Generally asked questions are:

  • How will you market my home?
  • How much commission or fee will you charge?
  • What experience do you have?
  • How will you contact me?
  • What are the flaws of my home?

How will you market my home?

During an interview of hiring an agent for your home selling or buying, you should instantly ask this question. However, you can also place an ‘available for sale signboard in front of your house; but it is not very acceptable. For example, if a person is needed in the house but does not have to pass through the street where you live, he cannot find your home.

Usually, people have no time to wander in the street for house finding in this advanced era. They definitely would prefer internet services. First, however, you should know what your agent suggests. Fortunately, potential agents have access to different marketing strategies. They can list your home on online websites through listing programs.

Furthermore, agents also can advertise in newspapers and magazines to bring you, customers. However, so far, the best real estate services are done through the internet. For example, if you want to buy a house, you can find it easily on the internet by clicking park view city.

How much commission or fee will you charge?

The basic and important question which people frequently ask is about the commission and fee of the agents. They always hire those agents who are within the range of their specified budget. Some agents charge a fixed price, while some take a particular percentage after closing the deal. However, the percentage and fees vary from agent to agent and area to area.

For example, the agents you hire to buy a plot in Lahore smart city will charge different commissions from the agents who deal in other societies.

The commission rate also depends on the market trends. For example, agents’ commission rates are normally low in the overflowing market because houses are easily available, and the agents have to make less effort.

Don’t forget to ask your agent about the cancelation fee. For example, if your family number or known you person agrees to buy your property or sell you a property, then in terms of calling off the deal, what would the agent charge you. If he is asking for full payment, then making a deal with him is not a better option.

What experience do you have?

In your first meeting with your chosen agent, ask him about his experience. People in frequent number prefer those agents who have much experience in the relevant field. One thing to remember, at the time of asking experience, do not focus on the time he spent as an agent; ask him the numbers of deals he has closed. For, sometimes, an agent lists a house or property which remains for more than six months on the listing website. So, it means he spent one year as an agent but dealt only with one client.

Another aspect of the agent’s experience is to ask his unique ability in property services. Some agents are experts in commercial properties, while others are in residential property. Similarly, some agents cannot sell or buy properties at high prices.

How will you keep me informed?

Sometimes, after hiring agents people wants to contact them to ask them about detail but they could not find them. So, to avoid this misconception, you should ask your agent about his availability and work hours so you can communicate and know about the status of your listed home or property.

You can ask him whether to contact him via email or phone call. If you try on a phone number, he might not pick up your call if he is not in the office. So, it is necessary to know about his contact detail.


You should not be confused while asking questions from your agents. If you have any questions beyond these frequently asked questions, just utter them. Sigma properties will answer you all your question.

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