Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning – The $10 Billion Company Everyone’s Talking About

Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning is making headlines across the country because of its remarkable ability to consistently deliver on a promise: “We’ll get your clothes back looking brand new.”

The Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning has been cleaning clothes and keeping families dry for more than 90 years. Since its founding, Giant Eagle has to remain committed to providing outstanding service to customers at a competitive price. The company has also help families throughout the United States save on laundry and dry cleaning expenses by using a patent combination of low-cost dry cleaning and home delivery.

 What is the Big Idea Behind the Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning

To drive a change in the business, they had to sell their idea. Giant Eagle dry cleaning had a lot of advantages. They had a new, innovative product (dry cleaning). And they had a huge market share (Giant Eagle own 27% of the dry cleaning industry). They also had a unique way to communicate their message that consumers need to take their dry cleaning seriously. The company decide to make a “big idea” video that shows the power of dry cleaning.

Who are the Competitors of Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning

In this case, the answer is: everybody. With only 5.8 million square feet of retail space in the region, Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning is the largest drycleaner in Ohio. The question is whether or not that size allows them to continue their rapid growth trajectory. Competition is everywhere. They’ve got to be careful not to overstep their boundaries and miss a market opportunity.

How is Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning Different From Other Companies?

Dry cleaning business must differentiate itself from its competitors to attract customers. At the very least, it needs to offer something that other dry cleaners don’t have (like dry cleaning on weekends or a special line of clean clothes). The key to Giant Eagle’s success lies in offering a unique combination of convenience, price, and quality. Its stores are open 24/7, 365 days a year, and most items are clean within 24 hours. In addition, Giant Eagle dry cleaning offers many of the same services as other stores at a lower cost.

How Does Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning Work?

At Giant Eagle dry cleaning, there is a giant machine that automatically puts clothing and linens into the dryer. After the clothes and linens are clean, they are taken out and then sort and fold. Then they are brought back to the store in large boxes and put on shelves. This machine makes it easy to have clean, new clothing ready for customers to pick up whenever they want.

How Did Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning Start?

“The biggest reason I got into this business was to start a business I could be proud of,” says Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning Owner Adam Bohn. Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning establish in May 2014 when Adam, his wife Jennifer, and their three kids move into a home in the North Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


In conclusion, a lot of people are talking about Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning. For starters, they have grown so large, that it was recently name “America’s Fastest Growing Company” by Forbes Magazine for 2018. And, the company has even attract the attention of investors who see a potential opportunity in its rise.



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