Highest Paying CDPAP Agencies


CDPAP (continuous digital airway pressure monitoring) technicians make a decent living, but which locations are the highest paying? San Mateo, CA, Santa Clara, CA, NYC, and Long Island all make good money. Listed below are the highest paying cdpap agencies. All three of these areas pay more than the national average. The following list is based on ZIPRecruiter salary data and employer job postings.

San Mateo, CA is highest paying cdpap agency

San Mateo, CA has the highest Cdpap salary, beating out its neighboring cities of Berkeley, CA, and Daly City, CA, by an average of $9142 and 24,3%, respectively. These salaries are well above the national average, which is $37,635 per year. These cities also top the list of the 10 highest paying cities for CDpap jobs. The salaries listed below are based on ZipRecruiter’s daily search of millions of local job postings.

NYC, Long Island, and Buffalo

CDPAP is an individualized home care service for people with respiratory conditions. It enables people to entrust their personal care to someone they know and trust. The quality of care is enhanced by the strength of the relationship between the patient and the caregiver. In addition, people with chronic health conditions find CDPAP invaluable. As a result, these three cities are among the highest paying in the nation for CDPAP agencies.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) program in New York State allows people to choose their own caregivers and receive pay for providing care to a loved one. This program is a way for family members to provide paid care for their aging parents and family members. Unfortunately, New York State budget cuts threaten self-directed care and the advancement of higher pay rates for these caregivers.

Berkeley, CA beats national average

San Mateo, CA, beats out the national average for cdpap jobs, followed by Berkeley, CA. In fact, these two cities each earned nearly nine times as much as the national average. The difference is 9%, or $1442 more than the national average. Both of these cities top the list of cities with the highest average salaries for Cdpap agencies. You might find that low cost of living is your best factor in deciding where to live.

Santa Clara, CA beats national average

In the Cdpap field, San Mateo, CA leads the way in terms of average salary. San Mateo, CA is followed by Daly City, CA, and Berkeley, CA. Each of these three cities beats the national average for Cdpap job salaries by about $1442, or 24.3%. These three cities also top the list of 10 highest paying cities in the country for Cdpap jobs.

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