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How Does Texturizer Impact Your Natural Hair?

What Is A Texturizer?

Gelatin powder in bowl on yellow background, top view Gelatin powder in bowl on yellow background, top view texturizer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
A texturizer is a synthetic based methodology to loosen up the surface of your wavy and fuzzy hair. It smoothes your twists to give you a milder hair surface. It is in fact a gentle variant of a relaxer. In any case, while a relaxer straightforwardly fixes your twists and gives you something else entirely, texturizers just release your regular twists to work on the surface. It is an extremely durable interaction and will remain until you physically hack off your hair strands.

What Does A Texturizer Do To Natural Hair?

Gelatin powder in bowl and spoon on table, closeup Gelatin powder in bowl and spoon on table, closeup texturizer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images
Your hair is essentially made of proteins, of which Keratin is one of the primary proteins. Keratin contains amino acids and cysteine that gives your hair its wavy surface. [1] Texturizers work by modifying the design of these proteins in your hair.

There are two sorts of texturizer choices accessible, one is lye texturizer and the other is a no-lye texturizer. Lye texturizer has sodium hydroxide while no-lye texturizer contains calcium hydroxide that breaks the cysteine obligation of your hair to relax the regular twists. [2]

It is additionally essential to recollect that texturizers won’t give you anything new from your normal hair surface. The final product generally relies upon the first surface of your hair. For instance, it will not make twists in the event that you don’t have them in any case.

A texturizer turns out best for S-molded twists and normally wavy hair. Be that as it may, with regards to Z molded twists, the outcome might fluctuate from one individual to another. Texturizer is generally well known for coarse dark hair. A great many people who have dark hair will generally go for texturizing to relax their coarse hair strands.

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How To Use A Texturizer?

1. Set up Your Hair
Hair is a fragile piece of the body thus it is fundamental for begin setting up your hair, way before you really utilize a texturizer. As referenced above, texturizer contains a ton of synthetic compounds which straightforwardly or in a roundabout way influence your hair. Limit the utilization of cruel substance put together items and warming instruments with respect to your hair for a couple of months before you texturize.

Additionally, make an effort not to scratch your scalp to keep away from any sort of contamination or bothering. Utilizing texturizer on a harmed scalp, may expand the aggravation and disease.

2. Safeguard Your Skin
Since texturizer is a synthetic based process, it would will generally dry out your scalp and give you a substance consume on your uncovered skin. Specialists prescribe safeguarding the skin to stay away from such a situation. Apply coconut oil on your scalp prior to utilizing a texturizer. Likewise, use oil jam on your neck and ear district to stay away from substance consume [3].


3. Blending The Texturizer
Texturizer units accessible in the market contain a texturizing cream, an activator, rejuvenating balm, a neutraliser cleanser [4] to adjust the impact of synthetic compounds, and a saturating complex. To begin with, empty the texturizing cream into a bowl and add the activator (see the sum on guidance). Utilize a wooden stick or spatula to appropriately mix the combination. Whenever you have blended it well, add the natural balm as taught or you can utilize the whole jug in the event that you have very dry hair. Again mix the blend. Presently, your texturizer is totally prepared for application.

4. Application
To continue with the application you would require a couple of gloves, a brush and a brush to apply the cream. Wear defensive gloves to keep away from compound consumes. Part your hair into little segments. Apply the cream utilizing the brush from the root tip to the edges. When you finish one segment, cut it down to hurry up and simple.

Ensure you have applied the cream all around your hair. On the off chance that you find it challenging to apply with a brush, you can likewise utilize your fingers (over gloves). On the off chance that you are drained at one go, have some time off and apply the cream once more. Continue applying until you have wrapped up utilizing the blend. Pass on it for 5 to 10 minutes for best outcomes.

5. Washing and Moisturizing
In the first place, flush off the texturizer with water and ensure you have no hints of it. Then wash your hair appropriately with the neutraliser cleanser. Towel dry your hair and utilize the saturating complex hair veil on your moist hair. Allow the conditioner to veil stay for a couple of moments and wash your hair once more.

Masters and Cons Of Hair Texturizers


1. Hair texturizer offers you a luxurious, smooth and better surface inside an exceptionally brief time frame.

2. Hair texturizer is more affordable and simple to perform.

3. It gives you an extremely durable impact even at home.

4. It doesn’t stop your hair development.

5. Texturizer causes your hair to seem a piece longer.


1. The final product differs from one individual to another. It relies upon the regular hair surface of the person. While some might obtain their ideal outcome, others might get frustrated.

2. Texturizers contain unforgiving synthetics which can prompt hair dryness and scalp bothering.

3. Your hair strands might get more fragile because of the unforgiving synthetics.

4. It might marginally change the shade of your hair.

How To Maintain Texturized Hair?

1. Know your hair and get items that really suit your hair type. Whenever required, take help from experts for picking the right item. Subsequent to texturizing, you would require great quality items to keep up with the hair surface and keep it saturated.

2. Rubbing can cause hair harm. To lessen grinding, wrap your hair with a shower cap or scarf when you rest. It would safeguard your hair from crimpedness.

3. Shower water or use serum while brushing your hair. This will assist with rebuilding your hair strands.

4. Wash your hair with a cleanser and conditioner no less than two times every week. Try not to skip molding as your hair would require a great deal of hydration and moisturization post texturizing.

5. Take a stab at utilizing a milder brush to brush your hair.

6. Limit utilizing warming instruments and styling items to keep away from hair harm.

How Long Does A Texturizer Last?

Texturizing is a long-lasting interaction. To dispose of it, you need to one or the other trust that new hair will develop or cleave off the old twists. There could be no alternate method for dumping the texturizer.

Hair Texturizer Vs Hair Relaxer

Hair texturizer and hair relaxer are essentially something similar. Both work to relax your twists. Anyway there are a couple of contrasts.

1. Fixing:
Hair texturizers can’t completely fix your hair twists. Be that as it may, a hair relaxer can give you dependable fixed hair.

2. Compound detailing:
Relaxer is made of areas of strength for an equation. Most normal fixings utilized in a hair relaxer are sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate,[5] and sodium thioglycolate. A texturizer, notwithstanding, is a moderately light definition in nature.

3. Aftereffects:
Hair relaxer has aftereffects like debilitated hair strands, hair breakage, hair fall and so forth. The symptoms of hair relaxers are more articulated than those of hair texturizers.

4. Utilization time:
Hair relaxers generally should be left in the hair for a more drawn out length, while hair texturizers are utilized for a more limited period.

Wrapping Up


Texturized hair is the consequence of a substance separating the protein design of your hair. While the method involved with texturizing your hair is simple, it has its upsides and downsides. Additionally, assuming you feel that your finished hair would ultimately turn into your regular hair surface, then, at that point, you will be disheartened. Nonetheless, finishing is a durable interaction, and will endure till you either trim your hair or regular development grows out of the texturizer impact.

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