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How Many Buildings Above 150 Mtrs Does Dubai Have?

Dubai is becoming the new “It” city for construction, and many multinational companies have their bases here Dubai has a booming real estate market with many new buildings being constructed over the years.. But how many buildings above 150 Mtrs does Dubai have?

Just like any other country with an active real estate market, Central Park City Walk Dubai has its share of tower blocks, shopping malls and luxury towers. And this number is growing as the city grows. But how many of these buildings are we talking about? Well, there are many, but let’s not start counting buildings that are more than three stories high. Those are considered mini skyscrapers, they don’t constitute a majority of the total number of buildings in Dubai.

So how many buildings are there below ground level? Well, if you think about it, a lot of the buildings Dubai has to offer are just two or three storeys high. But some of the newest projects have seven floors! So if you’re wondering how big these buildings are, Dubai has just a few square kilometers of land less than one hundred kilometers of sea. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Now let’s look at how many of these buildings are directly under construction. Well, this isn’t an exact science either since there are so many factors that can affect the completion of a building. For example, it takes time to negotiate with all the contractors who are involved. It also takes time to get planning permission for a building before construction can begin. These are just a few factors that impact the building process in Central Park City Walk.

So what happens once the construction has begun? Once the actual buildings are up, then what happens next? How do you maintain the facade of the building once it’s built? This is something that requires regular maintenance, and Dubai’s leaders understand this.

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One such building in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Burj Al Arab is not only one of the newest buildings in Dubai, but also one of the most luxurious. With rooms that boast views out to the blue horizon of the Indian Ocean, the Burj Al Arab is an absolutely breathtaking building. But do not take my word for it. You can visit the Burj Al Arab yourself and take a look around.

In addition to the Burj Al Arab, there is another landmark building in Dubai that’s absolutely massive. The Grand Hyatt on Emirates Road is not only the tallest building in Dubai, but also the water tower. The water tower is absolutely massive and a sight to behold. Located on the edge of one of the biggest man-made waterfalls on the planet, the Grand Hyatt is certainly one of the most impressive buildings that Dubai has to offer.

If you are wondering just how many buildings Dubai actually has, the answer is not many. There are several man-made islands floating around the Middle East, which provide habitats for a variety of animals and plants. But due to their size and weight, these islands are rarely used by the general public. You will more than likely have a much better view of the city from such a high up in the sky.

When you get down to earth and start to explore the city, there is one obvious attraction. That’s the Burj Al Arab. This is without a doubt the tallest building in Dubai and the first building that you will come across upon entering the airport. Upon reaching its peak, the Burj Al Arab will rise more than seven hundred feet into the air and is comprised of ninety floors. At night, it glows with a beautiful lighted glow. Burj Al Arab is well worth the trip, even just to look out at the waters.

One of the lesser known buildings in Dubai is the Satwa Market. Situated on Al Maktoum Street between Deira and Faya Square, the market is nothing more than a busy street with shops, food stands and a handful of restaurants. Like the Burj Al Arab, the lights in this building shine with a soft light and are extremely bright.

In addition to the five buildings that I mentioned above, there is yet another water feature that I didn’t mention. The Tall tower Waterfall is an attraction in itself. It is constructed in memory of the Seven Wonders of the World and looks out over the Arabian Desert like no other.


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