How to Clean a Commercial Parking Garage

Have you ever considered what area of your property is most likely to make a first impression on potential tenants and visitors? Clean a Commercial and property managers often overlook the parking garage. Who would have thought?

Maintaining a clean garage for property managers and real estate owners is essential. This will ensure safety and make a lasting impression.

As a mobile car wash provider in several of AQUILA’s office parking garages, my experience has taught me that AQUILA is one of the most professional in maintaining a clean garage.

This article will discuss why you must keep your commercial parking lot clean and offer best practices.

Mainly, I will be covering:

  • There are four benefits to keeping your garage clean
  • How to keep your garage clean
  • How to find a professional garage cleaner

Keep Your Parking Garage Clean Here are 3 Benefits

Maintain Property Value: Regular maintenance is a critical component of any asset. The more proactive you can be with it, the more value that asset will retain or create.

Clean a Commercial Parking garages left unclean for too long will eventually become less valuable.

1. Impress potential tenants with a solid first impression

The competition in office leasing today is fierce, notably in Austin, Texas.

All aspects of your property must be operating at a high-quality level.

Prospective tenants usually park their cars in the garage when they arrive at your property. What do you want prospects to feel when they get out of their car? Clean garages will make them feel welcome and provide a lasting impression.

2. Make Current Tenants Happy

The condition of your garage can have an impact on potential tenants as well as on current tenants and clients.

Your tenants will proudly show off their garage to clients and prospects. These same visitors may be affected if the garage is dirty or messy.

This could affect the tenant’s desire for renewal at your property or cause them to consider moving as soon as their lease expires.

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3. Public safety is essential.

Property damage or injury is the worst nightmare for any property manager or real estate agent.

Professional garage cleaning is a great way to ensure that nobody falls on dirt or slips in your garage.

How to Keep a Commercial Parking Garage Clean

Property managers are often busy managing an office building or meeting tenants’ needs. However, it is essential not to neglect the parking garage.

This simple garage cleaning strategy will allow you to relax, knowing that your garage is in top shape. These are some suggestions for cleaning your parking garage.

  • Establish a trash pickup routine. You can keep your garage clean by picking up trash and litter regularly. AQUILA assigns a member of its property management team to sweep each garage daily.
  • Place trash cans where they are easily accessible. Consider the location of your trash cans to reduce litter in your garage. Make sure they are easily accessible for your occupants.
  • The weekly sweep of the garage. Your garage floor will be cleaner if you sweep it once a week. You can positively influence garage occupants by showing them your willingness and effort to maintain a clean space.
  • Establish a semi-annual professional cleaning company. While regular trash collection and sweeps will help you keep your garage clean, they will not be able to remove oil stains or other contaminants. Professional garage cleaning services will have the right equipment to clean your garage efficiently and reliably.

How to find the exemplary professional garage cleaning service

You should make sure that you ask the right questions before you hire a garage cleaner.

A professional pressure washing company that has worked in commercial parking garages is the best way to clean up your parking lot.

Here are some questions you should ask when choosing the right service provider.

Is the service provider in compliance with your insurance requirements?

What is the minimum time the service provider can provide cleaning services? Are they able to work around your property’s schedule?

How will they manage wastewater? Are you concerned about dirty water leaking into the public drain?

Is the cleaning product eco-friendly?

Is the service provider able to meet client expectations?


Clean parking spaces are essential for making a good impression on all your property’s visitors and occupants.

Although it may seem difficult to set up the proper practices to maintain a clean garage, AQUILA strongly recommends that commercial real estate professionals consider how to maintain their garage.

After cleaning your garage, you might consider hiring a mobile car washing service such as NuWash to clean all the cars in your garage. Remember that a first impression can make a lasting impression.

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