How to fix Airpod isn’t working?

Like each different technical device, you will stumble upon problems whereas victimization AirPods. Here during this post, you’ll find out how to repair one AirPod isn’t operating downside. If your AirPod is barely enjoying in one ear, then meaning there’s some problem and it must be mounted immediately. 


there’s an opportunity that this problem is happening owing to low battery issues or dirty AirPods.  Worry not, as here we tend to are on the market with multiple solutions which will assist you fix this problem. 


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a way to Fix Airpods Not Working Problem?

just in case your AirPods aren’t operating, then below we tend to are on the market with multiple ways that to resolve your issue. The strategies to repair this downside are listed from the best to the foremost tough ones. Apply these solutions within the order mentioned below. 


1) Check Battery

there’s a awfully high chance that you just face this AirPods not working problem owing to the low battery issue. The battery of your Airpods drains at a really quick pace. notwithstanding you charge the batteries simultaneously, it still might drain very quickly. therefore, in order to repair this downside, you would like to charge the battery of your AirPods. 


2) Clean AirPods

One AirPod isn’t operating problem can even occur owing to the dirt accumulated on the surface of your AirPods. The dirt build-up on your AirPods can block you from taking note of the sound commencing of it. so as to fix this problem, you need to scrub your clogged AirPods. 


3) put off the Bluetooth then flip it back ON

Bluetooth property problems can also be a cause of one AirPod isn’t operating downside. to repair this issue, you would like to reset Bluetooth. head to Settings then Bluetooth. when that, put off Bluetooth by moving the toggle towards the left. look forward to a minute and then flip it on. 


4) Restart Your Device

this {can} not undoubtedly fix your problem however you must for sure provides it a try. This technique is sort of straightforward and straightforward. Restarting a tool can assist you fix temporary problems by wiping out the active memory. 


5) Unpair AirPods and then Repair them

If your issue doesn’t resolve when applying the solutions mentioned above, then strive pairing your AirPods then re-pair them. so as to try to to so, you’re needed to travel to Settings, Bluetooth, and then choose AirPods. when that, select the choice of Forget This Device.


Now, faucet on Forget Device. this may take away AirPods from your device. Then, you would like to place the AirPods back to the case. Press and hold the button on your case and then perform the setup directions showing on your screen.  


6) laborious Reset your AirPods

you’ll be able to conjointly strive laborious resetting your AirPods. you would like to perform identical steps that you just performed for un-pairing and re-pairing the AirPods. once you press the button on the case of your AirPods, you need to continue holding it for a minimum of fifteen seconds and look forward to the sunshine to flash amber then modification to white.


Now, unleash the button and perform the directions showing on the screen. 


7) strive Resetting the Network Settings

Your device has network settings, that embody Bluetooth devices as well. there’s a chance that the network settings are resulting in the one AirPod isn’t operating problem. This issue is mounted by resetting the network settings.


so as to try to to so, you’ll be needed to re-pair Bluetooth devices and enter the Wi-Fi word an extra time. so as to reset Network Settings, you would like to launch the Settings initial then head to General. when that, choose Reset and then Reset Network Settings. 


8) Update OS

The re-creation of iOS or iPad OS has several wonderful options and helps you fix bugs. Your one AirPod isn’t operating downside will simply be mounted by change the OS of your device to the newest version. Updates are fast, free, and introduce several benefits. 


So, these are some strategies that you just can apply to repair one AirPod is not working problem.


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