How to make Bakery Boxes more attractive

Bakery Boxes

Customized bakery boxes are a multipurpose packaging solution that serves cakes, pies, pizzas, pastries, and a number of other baked items. It is easy to customize these boxes for all such products or make them fit into items by placing cardboard dividers in them. Adding handles, windows, or other custom options to these boxes raises their appeal. Some additional custom options for these boxes are embossing, foiling, gluing, scoring and perforation. Custom printing them with an engaging design layout using digital or offset printers also delivers some marketing benefits. Finishes or other add-ons could also turn these boxes into a perfect gift for food lovers with delicious products inside.

Everyone pays deep attention to the quality of baked and other food items and their presentation. However, some bakeries ignore the same aspect of bakery boxes they are using. Making it attractive is also essential as it is the way to engage customers with the products. Moreover, this phenomenon conveys a sense to the common consumers as they establish a perception of the services. Therefore, never ignore the aspects to make this packaging attractive. Experts recommend several factors to care about in this regard. Here are a few prominent ways to make these boxes attractive to buyers.

Get bakery boxes with windows

Making packaging attractive is not an easier job to do. However, there are some ways that make it easier. The use of custom bakery boxes with windows is one such way. This window addition is fascinating in the way that it enables buyers to judge the inside products externally without opening them. On the other hand, a window in an attractive design makes the packaging more stylish. The top wall of a box or the lid without these walls is less fascinating.

However, adding these windows to these boxes increase the visibility of these boxes. A bakery can even get them in the shape of products inside them. This phenomenon would also convey a message about the inside products, even if a customer did not know about them earlier. Meanwhile, the boxes are pretty effective in satisfying customers for their money spent as it adds a luxurious look to the packaging.

Get an unconventional box design

Everyone is fed up with seeing the same packaging several times a day with the same traditional design. Continuous practice of using such resources could result in losing buyers as they would prefer trying a brand that is taking a bit different approach. Unconventional designs for wholesale bakery boxes are a way to raise their appeal that could fascinate a common consumer. Avoid using the same square size boxes for the type of bakery items. You can get a pizza box for one slice in the shape and size of the same slice.

It would fascinate customers more, ease them in carrying and reduce packaging expenses for your bakery startup. Similarly, you can use hexagonal, pyramid, or diamond shape boxes for wedding favors. Similarly, the use of tuxedos and gown shape boxes for wedding favors is also a great option. People would love such unconventional designs and recommend others as well to try your services.

Go for a custom design layout

There are plenty of wholesale packaging suppliers and vendors in the open market claiming to provide bulk packaging at low rates. However, one common thing between all of them is providing every box with a single type of text and general information about baked items. Such boxes are not attractive to anyone. Therefore, go for the custom printing options for bakery box packaging to make it worth seeing for food lovers. Choose the real images of baked items you are offering. Similarly, display information about any baking competitions you have won recently.

Such factors entice customers and influence their mood to make a quick buying decision. Meanwhile, add the logo and other brand details of your bakery to the design layout. It will also help you get branding advantages along with appreciation from the new and existing loyal customer base. On the other hand, you would become able to set a unique identity for your bakery business in the market through this practice.

Play with add-ons addition 

Packaging firms usually offer a wide range of add-ons as well that a business can avail to improve the packaging aesthetics. Prioritize the fascinating options to add to your bakery and food packaging for this purpose. Availing all of them is not a good approach as it could hike the packaging expenses. The best and foremost option you need to think about is the application of finishes over the external surface of the packaging. It will add an attractive shine and will also protect the printed stuff and internal items from damaging environmental factors.

Moreover, think about the embellishments that could make your packaging Instagram-worthy. The use of ribbons and bows to decorate boxes containing mouthwatering baked items would make them worth photographing. Food lovers would love to buy their desired items in such boxes to influence their followers and friends over social media platforms. Meanwhile, you would also draw some marketing perks from this sharing between potential prospects.

Choose custom colours and typography

The selection of colours and typography has great weightage in improving the aesthetics of custom food boxes or any other packaging. Colour and font phycology becomes even more important in the case of food items. There are certain eye-appealing colors that people love to see continuously. Moreover, some colors like yellow and red also activate the taste buds, and people can’t resist such a situation to make a purchase.

However, white boxes are ideal for cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and other delicate frozen eatables. Meanwhile, you can use boxes in yellow or red color for sweets, pies, pizza, fries, noodles, and other items that are usually served hot. Similarly, an inevitable value is added up to this packaging with brush and other sans serif fonts. Use multiple fonts and sizes for different design elements accordingly. Specially use an engaging font for bakery names and slogans.

It’s quite natural to conclude that the use of these mentioned practices would effectively make the bakery boxes attractive. People would naturally get drawn to the products and would make bulk purchases. Moreover, packaging having all such traits has the potential to build an emotional bond between the consumers and the bakery to make the times memorable.

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