How to Make Sure You Pass the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam?

Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

To ensure your success on the AZ-104 exam, you must familiarize yourself with the prerequisites, objectives, and registration process. The exam also has new modules and weights, so you must thoroughly understand them all. Moreover, knowing the different domains will help you focus your study on the modules that carry the highest weights. You can use Practice tests, discussion forums, and Labs to prepare for the exam.

Practice tests

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the AZ-104 exam is to take some practice exams. Practice tests are designed to help you learn the important knowledge areas of the actual exam. Microsoft has a vast question bank of questions. However, a Microsoft practice test can never be the same as the real thing. The key to passing an exam in this category is having a good understanding of the services provided by Azure. AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator practice tests are designed to test this knowledge base.

The AZ-104 exam requires candidates to be skilled in administering the Azure services and virtual networks. The exam requires candidates to have expertise in these areas and demonstrate their ability to implement and manage complex projects. It can boost a career and raise a salary. Microsoft has created a AZ-104 practice test course with unlimited access to six practice exams. The exam includes a wide range of questions, including Dropdown, Drag and Drop, Hotspot, and more.

Joining discussion forums

There are many reasons to join online forums and discussion groups to ensure you pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. Discussion boards and forums are an ideal place to ask questions, get answers, and interact with others who have taken the same exam. However, you should make sure the groups and forums you’re thinking of joining are reliable before you invest your time in them. Microsoft’s official website offers exam preparation books that are written by professionals.

Studying online for this exam is not enough. You need to learn all about the exam’s objectives, topics, and requirements. The Microsoft AZ-104 exam has three main parts: administration, deployment, and management. The Azure administration module requires you to demonstrate your admin skills, and you must work on complex projects to demonstrate your abilities. Microsoft Azure administrators often find it beneficial to study online through AZ-104 exam guides.

Study groups

If you are preparing for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam, you can join a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate study group. The purpose of a study group is to help individuals pass the exam. Besides providing support to one another, study groups also offer a chance to expand knowledge and resolve doubts. Studying in a group ensures better preparation. Microsoft AZ-104 study groups usually offer practice tests. Practice exams help a candidate get a handle on the exam format and topics.

The exam objectives are similar to those in the previous AZ-103 exam, but the focus is on more advanced topics. The AZ-104 exam has five learning paths and a suspended performance-based lab. It also covers reading, tabular analysis, and other important topics. However, you will find the Microsoft AZ-104 exam more difficult than its predecessor. For that reason, it is better to choose a study group where you can spend time with other professionals and experts.


There are numerous ways to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam and make sure you pass it. One of the best methods to prepare for this exam is by taking practice exams. The Microsoft AZ-104 exam will consist of forty to sixty questions, and it is worth preparing for by going through an online course. It costs about $165 in the US and several languages are available. To pass the exam, you must score 700 points out of a possible 1000.

Another way to prepare for the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is to take online courses. A great resource is the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification 2021 guide, written by Scott Duffy. The guide will cover every question on the exam, and includes 42 scenario-based lab exercises. For a more affordable solution, check out Whizlabs’ 9-hour AZ-104 Online training course, which consists of 42 Scenario-based lab exercise videos.


The prerequisites for passing the Microsoft AZ-104 exams vary based on the type of exam you’re taking. While you can take a Microsoft self-paced exam, instructor-led training is recommended if you want to ensure that you’re getting the best information possible for the actual exam. Additionally, instructor-led courses can provide you with a study plan that covers the most recent topics.

Taking the Microsoft AZ-104 exam is not a whirlwind; it involves studying for a few different areas of technical knowledge. The exam measures your understanding of various topics, including networking, storage, and performance. Microsoft is currently suspending performance-based lab questions to ensure that Azure capacity is reserved for paying customers. However, even if you don’t have extensive experience in those areas, you can pass the exam if you know your stuff and have a thorough knowledge of the basics.

Preparation guide

If you have a job role that requires you to administer Microsoft Azure workloads, you may want to look into a Preparation guide for Microsoft AZ-204 exam. This exam is designed for individuals who have 6 months or more of experience as a Microsoft Azure administrator. To pass, you should be familiar with core Azure services, workloads, governance, and security. You should also consider attending a study group to discuss the exam and answer questions.

The Preparation guide for the AZ-104 exam contains information about exam objectives, eligibility criteria, and exam registration fees. It also provides information about new exam modules and weights. Understanding the content of each module will give you a leg up on the Microsoft AZ-104 exam. You can use the information provided in the Preparation Guide to maximize your chances of passing the exam. However, it is still important to practice as much as possible in order to ensure that you understand everything about the exam.

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