Salient Features of Customer Service Management Software You Should know

The customer relationship management (CRM) solutions act as a Rolodex that acts as much more than organizing contacts. With the right features, the software also helps you increase sales by tracking customers’ activity, including nurturing leads, closing sales, maintaining the loyalty of customers, etc. Not only this, but the customer service management software also saves you time and money through its features. Though, if you plan to upgrade your M customer service management solution with the current one, you must consider these characteristics to be well-informed about the platform. 

Features of Customer Service Management Platform – 

Here is the list of top salient features of customer service management solutions that every business should look for-

  1. Workflow automation 

The customer service management (CSM) platform makes your professional life easier by automating the workflow. Look for software like ConvergeHub that enables you to set up custom riles and comprise sales force automation to let your team be more productive in the tasks. 

You can set the CRM software to perform the functions automatically using the rules. For instance, as sales representatives complete tasks, the software should report them to supervisors for performance reports. Also, the workflow automation features take the legwork out of tedious sales tasks such as inventory control, order tracking, and order processing.

  1. Customization 

No two firms work the same way, so the best customer service management software can cater to different business needs. Some platforms even let you add contact fields, select which data to represent on the dashboard, and build custom reports. If you wish to customize the solution to your tasks, many software like ConvergeHub provide more advanced options of using APIs. It gives access to developers to coding for complete customization of software. Further, the API also lets you integrate the platform with existing business solutions you use to streamline processes. 

  1. Third-party integration

Connecting the ConvergeHub Application Programming Interface lets you integrate the CRM with any application you use, eventually saving you time and money. ConvergeHub also enables third-party integrations for the developers. This indicates you can transfer and share the data between systems, assisting in building more effectiveness in the business processes. 

  1. Customer service

The customer relationship management software helps you gain and retain customers by offering excellent customer service. Some CRM solutions can make this even easier by integrating third-party apps such as the ConvergeHub support platform. Look for the following capabilities that let the customer team and sales representatives perform their best. 

  1. Employee tracking

The customer service management platform is a great way to track employee performance. Not only this, but the software should also give supervisors access to dashboards that enable them to see the employee goals, accomplished tasks, and other productivity metrics. This assists the managers in writing their performance reviews of the employee, creating incentives, rewarding the employee who worked well and evaluating those hassling throughout the tasks, and letting them know the areas of improvement. 

  1. Real-time data 

Real-time data is the primary driver of customer service management systems, pulled from applications, devices, and even appliances. The real-time data on ConvergeHub make you well-informed about the marketing decisions and implementation of online advertising. You can analyze which products or services are generating more revenue and which generate the least and require better market exposure. You get a quick snapshot of the market demand, previous cases, customer support agents, and case resolution status from the Issue history section of ConvergeHub so that you can modify the plans for better results. 

  1. Reporting 

Reporting is the characteristic that obtains the results of your marketing and sales efforts, and it comes standard with almost all customer service management software. It comprises the number of leads, number of sales, number of outbound calls made in a day, the effectiveness of the emails, etc. 

  1. Email 

Often tracking emails through a traditional inbox gets confusing. And it’s important for each sales email to e received and addressed timely to generate profit. An email feature helps the sales team be productive and organized. They integrate calendars to engage prospects by scheduling appointments. Also, the email feature can pull the templates to save time rephrasing the text while crafting an email. 

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