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If you’re looking for the latest ALDILA driver or iron shaft, you’ll find them at They carry many popular models, including the Aldila Ascent, Synergy Blue, HZRDUS Black, and Rogue Silver 130 MSI. But which one is right for you? Read on to find out about how to Shop ALDILA Shafts at Tour Shop Fresno.

Aldila Ascent

The Aldila Ascent line of golf shafts was developed by Nuttall, a company known for its lightweight and strong products. The shafts feature aerospace-grade materials and bend profiles that match modern driver heads. Additionally, they have an Impact Stabilization Zone that adds stiffness to the tip of the shaft to stabilize the head during impact. The result is more consistent ball flight and centered contact.

If you are looking to improve your game, consider an Aldila Ascent RED driver shaft. This shaft features increased launch angle, while controlling spin and face deflection. Many golfers want to increase flight apex, but often find that added loft and an active shaft result in more spin and bigger misses. The Aldila Ascent range counteracts this by using an Impact Stabilization Zone, or VEIL, that is made of a heavier prepreg than most other shafts. The Ascent Ultralight also has a full-length VEIL, which increases feel and resists ovaling.

Synergy Blue

Synergy Blue ALDILA golf shafts are the latest in low spin, low launch technology. This shaft is made from graphene, a material 300 times stronger than structural steel. This shaft features a constant taper and a graphene tip section. Both of these features provide the golfer with greater control and stability. Tour Shop Fresno sells all the latest golf shafts.

ALDILA’s new Synergy Blue shafts are a great way to get premium performance at a very competitive price. These shafts are made from Graphitic Carbon Fiber and Graphene Infused Resin, two of the strongest materials in the world. The SYNERGY Blue shaft also features a modern design and high-end Ion Plating Technology.


If you’re looking for the ultimate distance driver, consider the Project X HZRDUS Black golf shaft. This shaft is made with increased stiffness along the entire length, providing great control while hitting the ball. It also features the lowest spinning rate of any Project X graphite shaft. Designed in a prototype lab in San Diego, the HZRDUS Black is one of the fastest growing prototypes on tour.

The Project X HZRDUS line of golf shafts is synonymous with power and performance. Designed for powerful swingers, these shafts come in a variety of flexes and weights. Choose from the regular, mid, and low tour models. You can find your perfect match by comparing all of the Hzrdus shafts on our comparison chart.

Rogue Silver 130 MSI

The new Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI shaft is designed to improve the feel and flight characteristics of your driver. It has bend profiles that mimic modern driver heads, and an Impact Stabilization Zone (ISZ) that provides additional stiffness at impact. This new shaft is designed for swing speeds above 120 mph and is available in both TS and TX flexes.

The Rogue was first launched on the tour five years ago. At the time, it was known as the Rogue Silver 125. The original Rogue went on to win 31 tournaments, including three Majors. Now, the company is replacing this model with a new one. The Rogue is the most popular shaft on the Tour and it has become a popular choice for players looking to improve their game. The Rogue has the highest torque rating of any golf shaft, and it produces lower spin and launch.

KBS Custom Wedge Shaft

If you’re looking for a new wedge shaft, check out the KBS Custom Wedge Shaft at Tour Store Fresno. This shaft is less than $50 and is perfect for players with high spin. It’s smooth and easy to launch and delivers superior distance. It has a unique, intelligent shaft design that optimizes energy transfer. Whether you’re playing below your tour swing speed or you need to hit the ball farther, this shaft will help you hit the green with ease.

The KBS Tour 90 is an ultra-lightweight wedge shaft with improved distance and high trajectory. The Tour 90 is designed for golfers with slow swing tempos. It’s 9% longer and generates 5% more spin than the leading rivals. It’s available in a variety of weights to suit almost any fee preference. Its ultra-smooth feel allows players to improve their game without sacrificing distance.

Tensei CK shafts

Tensei means transformation in Japanese. The TENSEI family of shafts represents the different methods of construction and material transformation. This is why the shafts sold by Tour Shop Fresno are known as “Tensei CK.”

The Tensei CK shaft is made from carbon fiber/DuPont Kevlar. It produces mid-to-low spin, while the Tensei CK Pro White is stiff at the tip. Both models are great for improving a golfer’s game. The Tensei brand is well known, and it’s easy to see the distinctive logo of each shaft.

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