SonyLIV Not Working With VPN: Quick Solution

If your VPN stops working and you are having trouble watching SonyLIV, SonyLIV will block the IP address you have been given by your VPN.

It can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can do to fix it.

This article will show you how to fix SonyLIV’s inability to connect with a VPN, and how to prevent it from happening again.

SonyLIV does not work with VPN: Quick Fixes

1. You can delete cookies

If SonyLIV is not working with VPN, deleting your cookies is a good place to begin.
Cookies are small files that are stored on your device to help make your online experience more efficient.
These files aren’t considered dangerous, but they may contain information about your exact location.
SonyLIV will block your connection if this information indicates that you are in a different place than the VPN location.
This is an excellent way to resolve the problem.

2. Switch to another server

Try switching to another server if your VPN stops working with SonyLIV.
SonyLIV constantly monitors and attempts to block VPN IP addresses, which is why you are suddenly experiencing problems when using your VPN. The streaming service is able to block VPN IP addresses in this instance.
You can change to another server to get a new IP address. If this has not been blocked by SonyLIV you will be able to watch the streaming service once more.

3. Upgrade to a better VPN

If SonyLIV is still not working with your VPN after you have made it this far, your VPN is no longer keeping up with SonyLIV’s VPN blocking methods.
There are two options. You can either wait for your VPN’s new IP addresses to be released that SonyLIV hasn’t blocked. This is not a good option, however, as it means that your VPN will need to resolve the issue on its own. It’s impossible to know how long this might take.
You can upgrade to a more powerful VPN. This is the second and best option. A VPN that works consistently with SonyLIV is better.
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1. What is the problem with my VPN when I try to watch SonyLIV?

SonyLIV is detecting that you are using a VPN and has therefore blocked your IP address.

This is because SonyLIV has broadcast rights. SonyLIV does not have broadcast rights for all of its content. It has strong copyright and licensing agreements in place with its content partners, which disclose the location where certain content can be broadcast.

VPNs are well-known ways to access SonyLIV from anywhere in the world. However, using one could be considered a violation of agreements SonyLIV has made with content partners.

SonyLIV could face serious financial consequences as a result of this breach.

What does SonyLIV do to block VPNs?

SonyLIV blocks VPNs with three main techniques

  1. This is the most popular way to go. VPN providers can offer more IP addresses than they have customers. This means that multiple customers can use the same IP address. A household with only one device will usually use the same IP address. SonyLIV blocks a VPN if it sees multiple connections to the same IP address.
  2. SonyLIV monitors IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks to detect if you’re using a VPN.
  3. SonyLIV partners with GeoIP databases such as Maxmind to identify IP addresses. SonyLIV can block your IP address if it is found on these GeoIP databases.

It is very difficult for smaller VPNs to bypass these blocking methods, particularly free VPNs.

If your VPN isn’t taking sufficient measures to keep up with SonyLIV’s VPN blockers, then you are likely coming across errors.

Is SonyLIV still compatible with VPNs?

SonyLIV can still work with VPNs. However, you will need to use a VPN capable of staying ahead of SonyLIV’s VPN blocks.

This ensures that you will always have an IP address to connect to so you can stream SonyLIV anywhere you are. This will prevent you from running into the same problems as you do with your current VPN.

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