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If you’re wondering where to buy plumbing supplies, Texas Plumbing Supply (TPS) is the answer. TPS offers plumbing supplies for homeowners and professionals alike. They’re a convenient place to shop for plumbing materials and welcome walk-ins. In fact, they even have a customer appreciation counter day!

About texas plumbing supply

Texas Plumbing Supply is a family-owned, veteran-owned company. It has been serving the community since 1962. The company specializes in the wholesale sale of hydronic plumbing supplies and equipment. They also carry many DIY supplies and housewares. The company was founded by Kenneth “Doc” Snyder. He started with just five employees and two trucks. Later, the company expanded and the second generation of Snyder family members joined. In 1991, Terry Snyder became the company’s CEO. In 1996, Lance Snyder and Flowers Snyder joined the company.

The company is an authorized distributor for many popular plumbing brands. They have over 70 years of experience in the business and are a trusted source for plumbing professionals, corporations, schools, and government entities. The company’s first store opened in Houston, Texas, in 1946. It is now a direct distributor of some of the most famous names in plumbing.

It was founded in 1960

Texas Plumbing Supply Co Inc is a veteran-owned business. Founded in 1960, the company specializes in wholesale hydronic plumbing and heating equipment. Founded by veterans, the company has grown to become one of the largest providers of plumbing supplies in the world. Today, the company employs over 5,000 people.

The company has four locations: two in Houston, one in Brenham and one in Round Rock near Austin. It also plans to open a fifth location in central Texas in early 2017. The company serves a wide variety of plumbing needs, including new construction residential and commercial plumbing, multifamily housing plumbing, mechanical and utility contractors, swimming pool contractors, and government agencies.

wholesale Texas Plumbing Supply

Texas plumbing supply is a Houston-based wholesale plumbing supplier. It has been in business since 1980. Founder Lance Fuller started by loading trucks, pulling orders, and sweeping floors. As he gained experience and learned more about the industry, Fuller decided to start his own business. He decided not to open a showroom or sell directly to the end user, but rather work through the traditional business model.

Texas Plumbing Supply is a family-owned and veteran-run business. It was founded in 1962 by Kenneth “Doc” Snyder with five employees and two trucks. After a few years, a second generation joined the business, with Terry Snyder and Flowers Snyder becoming the company’s president and CEO, respectively. After a brief absence, fuller was able to get back to his roots and grow the company into what it is today.

It has a customer appreciation counter day 

Texas Plumbing Supply has a tradition of holding a customer appreciation counter day at its Houston location each December. The event invites vendors to display samples and show off their latest products. The event also commemorates product changes or new products entering the industry. In addition to the annual counter day, the Houston-based company buys a suite at the Houston Astros baseball game and invites many of its vendor partners to attend.

Texas Plumbing Supply is a member of many organizations

Texas Plumbing Supply is a family-owned and veteran-owned business headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1962, the company has four locations across Texas, including two in Houston and one in Brenham. It plans to open a fifth location in central Texas in early 2017. The company caters to plumbing contractors, including new-construction residential plumbers, as well as commercial plumbers, multifamily housing plumbers, mechanical contractors, and utility contractors. It also services government agencies.

The Houston-based company is also a member of many industry associations. In December, Fuller hosts customer appreciation counter days, where vendors display their latest products and provide training courses and samples. The company also holds counter days when major changes to the company’s inventory occur or new products enter the industry. In addition, the company purchases a suite for the Houston Astros during the baseball season and invites many of its vendor partners to join.

Texas Plumbing Supply has a cell phone number

Whether you’re looking for a plumber supply, you can find the products you need at Texas Plumbing Supply. The Houston-based wholesale plumbing company is a great place to find plumbing supplies and fixtures at wholesale prices. There are many benefits to buying wholesale goods from Texas Plumbing Supply, including excellent service, fast delivery and helpful employees.

The company operates out of four locations in Texas: two in Houston, one in Brenham and another in Round Rock, near Austin. It has plans to open a fifth location in the central region in the early part of 2017. The company serves the new construction, commercial, mechanical, swimming pool, and remodeling industries.

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