The Custom Keychain, A New Gift To Surprise

Take your memories with you wherever you go with your custom keychain. Choose a favorite photo of your loved ones or a vacation photo to make you smile every time you reach your keys.

Practical and compact, these photo keychains will keep all your keys together. With your custom design, you can be sure you won’t forget your keys again!

HD printing brings out all the colors and details of the chosen photo. Keep your loved ones close with a custom keychain. Available in a range of shapes, the photo custom keychain is a perfect gift to celebrate moving to a new home or obtaining a driver’s license.

All the advantages of custom key rings

Promotional campaigns are decisive for the business of any company, because it is also through an adequate marketing strategy that customer loyalty passes as well as the possibility of increasing the target audience for what concerns the sale of products and services.

Of course, nowadays it is essential to operate on multiple levels of communication, relying on heterogeneous resources to try to reach a wider audience.

The important thing will be to find the right balance between the tools used to promote the brand, relying both on more innovative means, such as social networks, and on more traditional solutions that are still fundamental today, such as custom gadgets .

The latter, in fact, are highly appreciated as, in addition to conveying a promotional message, they are in effect objects that can be used in everyday life: for this reason it is crucial to direct the choice towards useful, as well as captivating products.

From this point of view, a real evergreen of business promotion is undoubtedly represented by custom key rings, which allow you to spread the brand in everyday life in a simple, effective and economical way.

Custom Keychains for your marketing campaigns

Custom keychains are essential accessories for your marketing campaigns; in fact, your customers will always find your brand in front of them, in a clear and legible way. These small objects are able to become extremely precious gifts because, the more they spread, the greater the solidity of your brand, certified in the eyes of new potential customers. By distributing customizable keychains with your company logo, you will leverage on this: the loyalty of many people, guaranteeing word of mouth without much effort. You can choose to distribute these nice gadgets on different occasions, such as: fairs, congresses, during the holidays, etc. By donating customizable keychains, your customers or potential customers will appreciate the gift; in fact these accessories have the advantage of being used anytime and anywhere, under any circumstances and at any time of the year. 

Custom Keychains: all the possibilities with which to promote the brand

Nowadays, you can find on the market a wide range of keychain models to customize according to the needs of your company. The merit is above all of portals specialized in online printing services. Which make rich and varied catalogs available to companies.

The possibilities of choice can range from different points of view, such as the material of the key ring: it is in fact possible to orient oneself both on classic solutions, in metal or rubber , as on ecological proposals in wood, to spread the company’s commitment in favor of environmental sustainability, a choice nowadays increasingly appreciated by consumers.

As for the model of the key ring, however, it is possible to opt for traditional solutions, with a minimal and captivating design, as well as for real multifunction gadgets able to further increase the usefulness of the gift.

In this regard, for example, case key rings are very popular , perfect for always carrying with you even small objects, documents or coins. There is also space for models with LED light included, which allow you to have a small flashlight at any time, and for more technological proposals , which favor business promotion even in the workplace: it is possible, in fact, to opt for key rings with USB sticks. 

Touch screen pens perfect for tablets and smartphones or laser pointers.

Finally, do not forget the useful solutions for do-it-yourself , which are also very popular, such as key rings with small meters to be used when needed or with a screwdriver tip included.

Which printing technique to personalize a keychain?

After choosing the desired model, it is possible to proceed with the customization of the key ring, which must be carried out by taking into account first of all a fundamental factor, namely obtaining the perfect visibility of the logo, slogan or message that you intend to spread.

As for the printing technique to be used, it is good to keep in mind that today the best specialized portals provide numerous solutions, so as to always ensure optimal results.

They range from very precise laser engraving to classic digital printing, passing through pad printing, which is particularly suitable for personalizing plastic key rings, even non-homogeneous ones, and screen printing, which allows you to print up to 4 different colors on any type of surface. perfectly smooth. All without forgetting the doming print, which allows you to obtain embossed writings and images.

Keychain in the shape of a house, to break and many others to give to a couple

An original and really tender gift to give to a loving couple is the custom keychain in the shape of a house, to be broken. It is a much sought after object that has become a classic of couple gifts, even if it would be better to give it to two people who are married or cohabiting, to two who already live together or who are about to do so.

To make this gift even more special you can obviously resort to customization. For example, if it is a wedding gift or a gift for a new home, it could have the date of that special day engraved on it.

If you like the idea, but the figure of the house is not for your couple, there are other double keychains in our catalog, with other shapes, such as the heart, the puzzle or the car. Among the doubles, but not to be broken, there are also those with the symbols of man and woman.

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