Type of rings a women gets from her spouse


The relationship between a husband and wife is completely different from a relationship between two partners. A lot of adjustment and maturity are required when a couple wants to change their marital status and become husband and wife. Their relationship is very sensitive and demands a lot of effort to make it work. Some surprises with some gifts are required to make their relationship fresh and lively. Surprises like diamond rings or other jewelry play a vital role to keep the relationship smooth and easy going. It’s not like women or men demand gifts but who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning with beautiful surprises? Here in this guide, we have come up with the types of rings women get from their spouses as a token of love.

Promise rings

Many might say that promise rings are for couples who are married but married people can also give a promise ring to their spouse promising to be together for their entire lifetime. A promise ring symbolizes commitment and love for each other and many men have gifted a promise ring to their spouse to show their commitment to their partner. Though it’s usually gifted to women, promise rings are not made just for women and they do not need to be expensive or fancy.

Engagement ring

Engagement rings as their name suggests are only for engagement or when someone is asking for their partner’s hand. Unlike the promise ring, the engagement ring is worn only on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because it is said that in the fourth finger there is a vein that is connected directly to the heart. However, the vein does not exist in actuality, but the tradition is alive to date. The act of putting on the engagement rings to their partner comes from Egypt. With evolution, the styles have changed completely and now the engagement rings are typically made of a platinum band or white gold band. Gemstones like rubies and sapphires are usually cheaper than diamonds and so many men buy gemstone engagement rings for their partners. A Ring like three stone engagement ring is increasing its popularity with every passing day.

Wedding rings

Wedding bands or wedding rings are the type of rings that are received by both spouses from each other during the wedding ceremony. Wedding rings and wedding bands are two different types of rings. A wedding band is much simpler than an engagement ring. A plain band with a small diamond studded on its surface without any solitaire or halo is what makes a wedding band more attractive. Men usually give their spouses a wedding band that looks simple yet classy. When it comes to wedding rings, these rings are gorgeous and their price increases according to the size of the diamond and can be given only during the wedding.

Eternity ring

Eternity rings are another beautiful gesture of the husbands for their wives. Eternity rings, though can be given to anyone, are usually given by the husbands to their partners. As its name suggests, the eternity ring symbolizes ongoing commitment and love for each other till eternity. These rings are beautifully designed with three thin bands that are set together. Eternity rings are also given by the men to his woman when she brings their first child on this Earth. To celebrate their happiness, men give diamond-studded eternity rings to their wives. If seen stylistically, an eternity ring is a precious band of expensive metal like platinum studded with diamonds and other gemstones.
Among all these ringsLab grown diamond engagement rings are the most affordable rings because they are made with lab grown diamonds.

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