Unimat Traffic Offers Great Deals on Traffic Control Products


When searching for products in the online market, you may find some great offers from Unimat Traffic. The brand is recognized all over the world. Through the Ubuy platform, you can find the best deals in any market, and get discounts and savings while buying various products. Getting the latest offers from Unimat Traffic is a great way to save money while shopping. Hence, make sure you check out the latest Unimat Traffic offers. In addition to this, you may also find other amazing deals on the website.

Speed humps

A leading manufacturer of mats, rugs, and other products for traffic control announced the launch of its new Prefab traffic control Speed Humps to help reduce accidents on roads. These humps are made to reduce speeds while increasing visibility and safety for drivers. The company, Unimat traffic USA, manufactures speed humps for a variety of applications, including residential streets, major highways, and public roads. To learn more about Unimat speed humps, read on.

Unimat’s 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps are made of high quality material, and they slow traffic to ten to fifteen mph. They’re an economical way to control speed and make your parking lot or roadway safer. They lock together for an easy installation and can withstand up to five years of traffic. Alternatively, Unimat offers a variety of other products, including speed bumpers and cable protectors. The Unimat 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps can be customized to fit most parking lots and driveways.

Rubber parking blocks

Using rubber parking blocks can be a great way to keep a parking lot free of vehicle damage. These flexible parking blocks are designed to lay flat on most surfaces and are a great choice for parking lots made of gravel or paved surfaces that are not perfectly flat. Rubber parking blocks are sold with four different types of mounting hardware, including eight-inch lag bolts, 12″ galvanized steel spikes, and 5″ ‘TapCons’.

While rubber parking blocks are an excellent way to keep a parking space free from damage caused by rolling tires, they do not act as a permanent barrier. Rubber parking blocks are more flexible than their concrete counterparts and are designed for use on uneven surfaces. They are also up to 90% lighter than a standard concrete parking block. Whether you’re looking for a durable parking space barrier or want to add a decorative touch to your parking area, there are many different options for parking blocks to meet your needs.

Rubber speed humps

Unimat traffic rubber speed humps are designed to slow down vehicles in areas where speeding is a problem. They come in a wide range of different profiles and lengths, ranging from three to twenty feet. These humps are best placed in series along long corridors to maintain a slower speed in an area. These speed humps can be installed in asphalt or concrete grounds. You can choose from either Female or Male end caps.

If you’re looking for an economical solution for your parking lot, the Unimat 6 foot Economy Rubber Speed Humps are a great choice. These bumps slow vehicles to a minimum of 10-15 mph. They’re great for schools, retirement communities, and other public places. They’re incredibly easy to install and have a lifetime warranty. These speed bumps also come with cable protectors and cable guards to help protect and reduce traffic.

Cost of rubber parking blocks

The Unimat company has invested in facilities, equipment, and personnel, enabling it to respond quickly to changes in the retail industry. Its staff is experienced and highly qualified, and they enjoy building long-term relationships with customers and business associates. The Unimat Advantage parking block, for example, is constructed from 80% recycled rubber and 20% virgin rubber. Its four-hole mounting system provides an easy, low-profile installation and is highly durable.

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