Uses and reasons to choose carbon fiber sheets


Carbon fiber sheets are made up of carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are treated with epoxy resins before heating carbon fiber at a high temperature. Carbon fiber sheets have a number of advantages and use in different applications but it’s important to choose the right sheet according to your requirement. Carbon fiber sheets are available in different sizes and in different shapes. These sheets are available in the market in different thicknesses.

Reasons to choose carbon fiber sheets:

There are many reasons for selecting carbon fiber sheets instead of aluminum sheets or platinum sheets.

  • The first reason for choosing these sheets is that they have higher tensile strength.
  • Their weight is light therefore they are used in the manufacturing of many products.
  • These sheets are flat therefore they are mostly used for flat surfaces.
  • The carbon fiber sheets have high stiffness and low resistance.

Due to these reasons these sheets are used in many industries. These sheets have taken place of aluminum sheets and platinum sheets.

Uses of carbon fiber sheets:

There are many uses of carbon fiber sheets. Carbon fiber sheets are beautiful and plain therefore these are also used as decorative trims and these sheets can also be used for customizing your cars. Some cosmetic uses of carbon fiber sheets are described below:

  • Gearshifts
  • Instrument panels and dashboards
  • Gas caps
  • Mudflaps
  • Door panels and pillars
  • Vents
  • Sound system and speaker fronts

The thickness of carbon fiber sheets:

The thickness of these sheets is different. You should tell them how thick a sheet you want, then they will give you the sheet of the thickness that you need.


The thinnest carbon fiber sheet is 0.25mm. This sheet is glossy from one side. This sheet is flexible and is commonly used as a thin veneer. It is rolled usually on 2-inch diameter pipe. This sheet can be cut with scissors. This thickness sheet is a good choice for flat surfaces. And this sheet is good for making beautiful carbon fiber in less cost.


This is standard carbon fiber sheet thickness. It is glossy on one side. This sheet is thick so it is cut by sharp scissors. This sheet is also flexible and it is wrapped on a pipe with a diameter of 5 inches. This sized thickness sheet is commonly used for the projects in which lamination is required. This sheet covers more clearly than a 0.25mm thick sheet.


The sheet of 1.0mm thickness is called a medium-sized carbon fiber sheet. It is glossy on one side. Its one-side surface is beautiful and glossy. While its other side has a textured bonding surface. This sheet is thick so it is difficult to cut. So it is cut by using an abrasive cut-off wheel. You should clean the corners by 220 grit sandpaper for making them smooth and soft. This sheet is wrapped on a 10 to 12 inches diameter pipe.


It is stiff carbon fiber sheet. This sheet is thick so it is less flexible. It is wrapped on the pipe with the 24 inches diameter.

Price of carbon fiber sheet:

The price is not fixed because price of these sheets depend upon the type of sheet you want. And it also depends upon the diameter, thickness and shape of the sheet.

The carbon fiber sheet price of thickness is 0.1 inches is almost $16 per square ft. And sheet whose thickness is 0.2 inches its price is $17 per square ft.


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