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What are Inauspicious Marriage Yoga in Kundali?

An Introduction

Marriage is a significant and significant chance. It’s the bonding of souls that are brought together to live their lives together. They wish for a peaceful and peaceful life in which they are able to move forward as a couple, have children, and experience romance and love. But often, the planets that are paired in the horoscope can have profound effects on the life of couples, which can ruin their lives.

Yoga is a key factor in Vedic Astrology. It is an element that impacts the life of a person in a profound way. Yogas are basically combinations of specific planets within the birth chart that produce specific outcomes. They are created when a planet, an astrological house, or a sign becomes linked with another one through placement or a combination of specific elements. Yoga’s effect can be positive or negative based on the location of life that the planets or astrological houses represent.

In Vedic Astrology, there are 27 significant yogas that may bring good and unlucky results in an individual’s life. In all eight yogas, they are thought to be unlucky for marriage.

The presence of inauspicious marriage yogas in Kundli Conflicts and Arguments over minor matters, unhappiness divorce or separation or long-distance relationships, being sick, financial loss, delay in the marriage, financial stability, family troubles Loneliness, Sexuality, and loneliness can bring discontent, etc. For a happy and healthy marriage, astrologers suggest Kundali Milan or Horoscope Matches, and zodiac compatibility tests determine the compatibility of marriage and love for couples.

Inauspicious Yoga For Marriage

According to Vedic Astrology, the seventh house of the horoscope can be considered to be the home of marriage. Any type of unlucky marriage yoga practiced in this house may result in delays in marriage or post-marriage issues.

Here are the top unlucky yogas that may create chaos and cause unhappiness within a marriage:

  1. If Mars or Venus are in weak positions within the same astrological house the person born in this house experiences difficulties and problems in their marriage. This yoga that is not favorable for marriage weakens harmony and causes the marriage between spouse and husband unstable.
  2. The location of the weak planets in the Mahadasha of Venus may be the reason for the absence of understanding between the husband and wife. A combination of Mars, Ketu, and exalted Venus in the Kendra home can result in an unsuitable couple for a wedding.
  3. If the planet is within its own sign or is exalted, you could encounter difficulties and difficulties in choosing the right person to marry. The position of planets that are negative such as Saturn as well as Rahu on the seventh house can result in an unlucky yoga that increases the chance of having a second marriage.
  4. If seven house-lords is located either in the seventh or the sixth houses of the horoscope, couples are faced with significant challenges in their married life. There are disagreements between the husband and wife that often lead to divorce or separation.
  5. A setting or presence of more than one negative planet or the exact same aspect in the seventh house can cause difficult experiences for couples. These natives face difficult circumstances and live unhappy life.
  6. If the seventh house’s lord is a planet that forms a conjunction with other planets in another house and the person who is born there does not experience peace and harmony in the family life. The placement of malefic planets in the 12th house or malefic aspects within the seventh house has an adverse effect on the relationships within the family.
  7. The presence of negative planets in the sixth or eighth house of Venus on the birth chart can make the lives of couples miserable. Even when the lord of the seventh house is in his own home couples encounter difficulties in sustaining a peaceful and tranquil life.
  8. Combining Saturn and Mars along with Rahu within the fourth house in the Horoscope makes marriage difficult. People with this combination are unable to live in peace and happiness throughout their marriage.
  9. If Venus together with Mars is plagued by malefic planets, the individual may be in relationships aside from marriage. They may be afflicted by feelings of love.
  10. If Mercury is connected to Saturn when it comes to the houses associated with marriage, an individual could be unable to conceive. These yogas that are not favorable to the horoscopes of women could influence their fertility, which could result in difficulties and adversities in marriage life.
  11. If Venus is located in conjunction with Sun on the seventh house or the twelfth house in the horoscope then there could be a decline in the desire to have sexual relationships among natives.
  12. The presence of negative planets or Lagna yoga that are not favorable in the eighth or second house can affect the longevity of husbands and wives.
  13. If the direction or axis of Rahu or Ketu is located in 1/7 or 2/8 house, then there could be problems when it comes to marriage. The presence of Mars within the 8th house may cause illness or death of the spouse.
  14. Papakartari Yoga in the 7th house in the Horoscope could impact married life and lead to conflicts and arguments.
  15. Navamsa Ascendant and the Lord If they are afflicted by negative planets, then marriage could be a saga of grief and challenges. The success of marriage greatly depends upon that Jyotish Yoga.
  16. A presence of the Lord of the third, sixth, or 12th in the houses of the shadow may lead to multiple marriages. Dhan Yoga’s presence Dhan Yoga also causes more than one wedding in the life of the locals.

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