What Should I Do After Pass My SSC Exam?

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Subsequent to breezing through the matric yearly test the understudies frequently have a confounded outlook on the field they can seek after additional examinations. On the off chance that you are likewise stressed over what you ought to do after matric, we have you covered. Here we have given the rundown of courses that you can select further examinations. The understudies can take confirmation in clinical, designing, expressions, software engineering, general science, and different courses. The understudies that have been looking for direction from profession advising can really take a look at the data accessible on this stage.

When the result of SSC 2022 very one of the subtleties accessible in regards to the different courses after the matric and pick shrewdly.

FSc Pre-clinical:

After the finishing of matric, the understudies can take admission to the FSc pre-clinical. Almost certainly it is among the most favored field for additional examinations. The understudies can get signed up for the MBBS, BDS, and DPT relying upon their inclinations and the imprints got in the yearly tests of matric. The understudies can likewise do the nursing course and do single man’s examinations in different fields, for example, eye field, hearing field, and language training field. It is informed to the understudies that after the fruition of MBBS and BDS degrees they can likewise do the specialization. After the statement of the consequence of the Lahore board matric result,

FSc Pre-designing:

After the registration, the understudies can decide on the field of designing. This vocation offers tremendous extension to the understudies. The understudies can take the affirmation in the electrical designing, programming or equipment designing, mechanical or material designing, and numerous different spaces, for example, compound or software engineering designing, and common flying designing. After the culmination of the certificate, the understudies can land the positions presented by the public authority and confidential area. When a consequence of the matric 2022 Bahawalpur board and other instructive sheets will be declared the understudies can get admission to the FSc pre-designing.


ICS represents Intermediate in Computer Science. The understudies that are keen on the PC fields can pick the software engineering after matric. In ICS the understudies need to concentrate on obligatory subjects like PCs, Physics or Statistics, and Math. The understudies inspired by the IT field, Programming of Computer can pick this space after the registration test. Besides, after the finishing of matric, the understudies can likewise improve open positions.




I.Com represents Intermediate in business and is the best field for the understudies that need to choose the subject of the workmanship. The understudies that need to turn into a money manager or are intrigued to join the records related fields can pick the I.Com after the matric. The understudies that have done the matric with expressions or matric with science can take the admission to the I.Com. In this degree program, the understudies can concentrate on the obligatory subjects like Principal of Accounting, Principals of Commerce and Business Math or Business Statistics. After the finish of I.Com, the understudies can go for a business the board subject or workmanship subject.


The understudies that have done the matric with expressions subject and are not intrigued to do the I.Com can likewise take the affirmation in the Intermediate in Arts. FA is the Intermediate level degree that the understudies can seek after. Numerous understudies imagine that the craftsmanship fields don’t offer the best profession valuable open doors anyway this isn’t right in any way. The understudies in the wake of doing artistic expressions degree can land the best positions.

Recognition Courses:

Other than the previously mentioned courses that the understudies can pick after registration, there is an extensive variety of other confirmation courses that the understudies can pick. There are many courses that the understudies can do to bring in the cash. The term of the confirmation courses is moderately more limited when contrasted with different courses. There is the leading group of Technical schooling of the multitude of territories of Pakistan that declares the affirmation after the matric in different fields like Electrical innovation, Telecommunication innovation, Mechanical innovation, Chemical innovation, Civil innovation, Computer equipment innovation, Biomedical innovation, Die innovation, Mold innovation, Instrument innovation, and Petroleum innovation.

Clinical Courses:

There is one more choice for matric understudies after the finish of the degree program that they can pick the clinical courses. There are a few indicated courses that the understudies can pick after matric. A portion of the courses are Dispenser, Pharmacy, Nursing Course, Medical Technician Course, and OTA Technician.


Understudies are for the most part bewildered after the matric test that what they can do straightaway. The understudies typically do what their folks allude to as this is our social norm. Be that as it may, the understudies ought to pick the field carefully as it involves th

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