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Why is Dettol Used as a First Aid Antiseptic Liquid?

Hygiene: The Pandora’s box of conversations

Talking about hygiene is like opening Pandora’s box. It covers talks from germs and infections to first aid measures and antiseptic liquids.

IFRC, in its guidelines for first aid emergencies, mentions taking care of the injured victim. In most cases, when the injury happens, it becomes inevitable to be able to clean it first and then aid it. Dettol First Aid Antiseptic Liquid comes into the picture here.

The name of hygiene for 88 years: Dettol

It is common in India to hear about Antiseptic Liquid and instantly think about Dettol. In fact, the brand has become synonymous with antiseptic solution. Dettol has been the top choice of households, hospitals, offices, and industries for 88 years.

  • Dettol has created a brand name and value for itself by constantly delivering top-in-class products and gaining the trust of its consumers.
  • With a wide range of products satisfying various hygiene needs, Dettol has always made sure to understand the voice of its end users. 

Entering an online space with Dettol Pro Solutions, which serves the bulk product needs of corporate, restaurants, and businesses, Dettol has made it more convenient for its bulk users to purchase all their hygiene demands from a particular portal.

Dettol Pro Solutions

To maintain hygiene and first aid up to date in the workplace, Dettol’s official website has entered a new deal with the workplaces in India. They provide all necessary products for your office from their website delivered by simply entering the quantity and the item’s name. 

You can go to this website: https://dettolproindia.in/ and select all the requirements for your office. Once you have the list and the quantity straight, check out the price and the cost benefits offered to you and make a buy.

If you are willing to check the prices of products you want to buy in quantity, refer to their order quantity calculator. It will assist you in choosing the right products for you.

Why Dettol?

If you are thinking about getting a disinfectant or a first aid antiseptic for your workplace or industry, you are thinking about Dettol. Dettol is synonymous with the first aid antiseptic liquid. It has been protecting against injuries for 88 years.

  • Dettol has been the trusted brand for so long because:
  • It comes with multipurpose use. You can use it as a first-aid antiseptic for your fellow workers, you can use it as a surface disinfectant in your workplace or factory, and you can also use it for your hygiene.
  • It kills the germs and prevents any infection
  • It cleans against the wounds or cuts caused to any worker, employee, or personnel in the workplace.

Dettol as a first aid antiseptic liquid

Dettol has been the trust of households and corporations for a long time. It is the world’s trusted brand for hygiene and cleanliness. There are other brands like Unilever and Himalaya, but nothing comes to mind when you consider getting an antiseptic for your fellow employees.

What is Dettol made from?

To understand the benefits created by Dettol, it is necessary to understand the main ingredients from which Dettol is made.

  1.  Soap: The purpose is to clean the wounds and cuts from deep within.
  2.  Pine oil: It has a mild antiseptic quality that helps with the injury. Also, it has disinfectant properties and a unique aroma, a prominent smell in Dettol.
  3.  PCMX: This disinfectant liquid takes away the virus from the skin.

How does Dettol work?

As we now know, Dettol has PCMX as the disinfectant. This PCMX absorbs and removes the virus from the surface skin of injury. After this, it deforms the protein interiors to destroy the virus.

This way, your skin is left absolutely germ free.

What do you get with Dettol?

This is the go-to antiseptic in case of wounds or cuts because as the name suggests it protects from all types of septic or infections on wounds.

Dettol Pro Solutions for your Workplace

Dettol Pro Solutions is your name whether you are a business owner, operate a factory, have a hotel or a facility, educational services, or a café. Dettol Pro Solutions can:

  • Fulfil all your hygiene needs and cleanliness supplies.
  • Reduces time, effort, and cost.
  • Great offers and deals on your hygiene supplies.
  • Covers all the needs of your corporate, educational facility, and business in one go.
  • Allows bulk purchase.
  • Offers discounts, cost benefits, and deals on bulk buys.
  • Delivers all your needs to your business or office doorstep.
  • Comes with annual benefits.
  • Dettol Pro Solutions is thus a strong partner with reliable trust factors for your hygiene needs. Start ordering your hygiene supplies today from Dettol’s official website.

In conclusion

If you are a hotelier, restaurant or café owner, business owner, HR of an office, or just an individual looking to buy in bulk. Look no further.

Go to Dettol official website now and start ordering.

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