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Why technology is good 10 best reason

Why technology is good

we are living in a world which is fully dependent on technologies. Now, we are alive because of technologies because we are using many devices in a day.

Why technology is beneficial?

Benefits of Technology, it is helping people to do hard works in a few minutes and it reduces the work. At the business level, it helps to increase the efficiency of the product and services.

why technology is good

At the medical level, it helps to treat a sick person and to decrease the types of viruses and bacteria.

Technology is a art which was created by human being to decrease the energy. And it acts as modern day’s tools for the human being.

Technology is good or bad which is totally depend on people, how they use it? Few past years ago, on our daily life it made a positive effect and provides us with many good things.

It gives number of benefits to us through a smartphone to the internet. It provides a new and improved way to us to communicate with each other.

Tech plays an important role in our daytoday life as well as in our daily work. It made everything possible from education to entertainment.

What is technology

It was defined in the year 1829 by Jacob Bigelow as a principle, processes and nomenclatures of the arts.

“It is an art which involves applications of science and it may consider useful, by promoting the benefit of society. The simple type of technology is the use and development of basic tools.”

In past years, developments take place due to the use of basic tools like printing press, telephone and Internet for communication. And this gadgets allowed humans to interact freely on a global scale.

Good technology helps to develop more advanced economies and it allowed the rise of a leisure class.

Negative effect of technology, But Many technological processes produce pollution which decreases the natural resources and harms human beings.

Why technology is good

“Why technology is good for society because it is important and its seen in every field and everywhere. We expect that in future, it will increase by two times.”

Modern technology helps people to do any work easily within a second. It provides us with new gadgets and devices that are fully updated.

After some days, it will change the globe by providing such devices and gadget which are more advanced. The gadgets can easily understand the error and easily solve the error.

In our day to day life we use technology and without it nothing is possible. For example, if you want cold water than you want to use gadgets.

Here the 10 reasons is given that Why technology is good with proper examples.

1. Technology Is Use In The Field Of Medical

It is very much important in the field of medical and many people save their life with the help of technologies.

why technology is good in health

Many people died in the 20th century because that time advance technological gadgets and devices are not there. But now, technologies are developed everywhere and also in the field of medical.

Due to advancements in medical tech, many physicians are doing better diagnose and treat their patients.

Due to the continuous development of devices in the medical field, many lives have saved and continues to improve over time.

Areas like information tech, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the development of medical devices and equipment.

And few more have also made significant contributions to improve the health of human being in all around the world.

From small change like bandages and ankle braces to larger devices like MRI machines and robotic prosthetic limbs has made an impact on medicine.

Some examples of technology in the medical field are X-Ray, Ultrasound and Tools Camera Operation Theater etc.

2. Technology Is Use In The Field Education

Why technology is good for Education because it is a basic part of our daily life and it is quite important. Education makes our life easy and if we study with the help of technologies then education is simple.

why technology is good in education

Reason why technology is good for education because so many apps for education is available in the play store. But more use of Technology in the education field has a bad effect on the student.

If people use devices in a proper manner then it helps a lot in education. But If we use technologies for bad things then it does not help us.

Some example of technologies in education is the smart class, laptop, computer for studying purpose, apps and software etc.

Why is technology good in the classroom because it helps the teacher to teach and student to understand the topic easily.

Reason Why is technology good in the classroom because it helps the teacher to improve their teaching. And the teacher can use different apps to enhance the traditional ways of teaching and to keep students more engaged.

It provides different opportunities to make learning more interesting and enjoyable in terms of teaching but in a new way.

3. Technology Is Use In The Space

Why is technology good In space, tech is much important because the source of the internet is comes from the space satellite.

technology used in space

And without internet life of people is blank, they can’t do anything because their all work depends on the internet.

If technologies will not use in the space then our life becomes boring and no one can go for business.

We are lucky because nowadays many countries release their own satellite in the space. Satellite helps the internet to increase speed of the internet by decreasing the load in it.

Some example of technologies in space is a satellite and research etc. Now, we do not have a talking computers which was predicted in the movie A Space Odyssey.

4. Technology Is Used In The Field Of Agriculture

Why technology is good Agriculture plays an important in our country and our countries development depends on agriculture.

technology used in agriculture

Agriculture is a main part of the economy and it is only the source from which we getting foods and fruits. If we use tech in the field of agriculture than our country developed easily.

Use of technologies in the field of agriculture increases the production of food and decreases the manpower. It also helps to decrease the time of the farmer.

Therefore, the food available in more quantity and price of food is less. In future, more technologies will develop in agricultural sector.

With the help of a different type of tech in farming, farmers can easily complete their work without any effort. Some example of agricultural tech is machinery and tools, etc.

5. Technology Is Use To Control The Natural Disaster

In nature there are so many danger disasters is present like a tsunami, earth quick and Waves, etc. This danger disaster can affect our society and they can destroy everything.


technology used in control the natural disaster

Tech is so much important and helpful because it saves our lives by giving warning before disaster comes. Because time of disaster is not fixed, it can come at any time and destroy everything.

With the help of tech, we can measure level of disaster and it also gives warning before the danger disaster comes.

In the Bangkok, the Fire and Rescue Department said that more than 100 buildings in city has a risk of catching fire. Because they don’t design to earthquakes withstand.

However, new technological gadgets and devices can give essential information to the engineers, planners and governments.

From which, we can easily predict a better way during the natural crisis and we can also predict buildings behaviour.

The advanced technologies provide a proactive method to more effectively create disaster-resistant communities.

6. Technology Is Used In The Transportation

Why technology is good In past years, we use a slow mode of transportations which takes much time to cover short distance. And We can not go immediately at any place.

technology used in transportation

However, nowadays new technologies are developed in the field of transportation and we can easily cover the long distance in a short time.

During riding comfortably also increases and now it helps us to work in an emergency, accuracy and takes less time. Now we can easily save our time and complete our work in less time.

Some example of new and fastest mode of transportation is the modern cars, Bullet train and rapid train, etc.

7. Technology Is Used for Health

In past years, we can’t measure the level of our health and find out that which disease is present in the body.

technology used in health

Because of the lack of technology we couldn’t maintain our health. But nowadays, many new devices has developed for body health.

You stay connected with the doctors With the help of tech and take the information about your health.

Many apps and website are present in the internet which gives the best information about health tips, weight loss and fitness, etc.

Some apps and website gives you accurate information such as food logging. Some examples of tech in health are gym, exercise gadgets, health Apps, gadget, health watch and mobile apps, etc.

8. Technology Makes Your Life Easy

In our day to day life, we use the tech in every work to complete the given work. It also helps you to give a new experience in your work.

technology make your life easy

It helps to complete work easily and it also decreases the time and helps to complete work efficiently and effectively.

We are now communicating with peoples in world and we can see their face and We can’t live for a second without technological trends such as gadget and mobile.

Many peoples don’t know that how many technologies they are using daily to complete their work.

Some examples of apps for video calling is we chat, Tango, IMO, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, etc.

9. Technology Help Us To Connect With Other

Why technology is good We can easily connect with each other with the help of tech in the world. And we can easily share information, videos, images and messages to anyone in the world.

technology help us connect with other

Social media is only the source from which we can easily join with each other. On the internet, Social media is the place from which we can easily sharing the information.

Another platform is Email from which we can share information and chat with each other and it is famous to share business information.

Some examples of sharing platform are Facebook, Gmail account, WhatsApp, Email id and Instagram etc.

10. Technology Help To Live Professional Life

technology help to live professional life


In a big company or organisation, there are more than 1000 employees are working. And it is very difficult for CEO of the company to measure the performance of employees and maintain the order.

The CEO of the company uses new modern tech which helps the manager to take easily feedback from employs.

A manager uses the Email and online chatting to maintain order and take a feedback from employees.

This tech is used for fun by chatting with friends and other relatives. Some example of this new tech is email, online chatting, group chatting anf live chatting, etc.

Why technology is bad

“Technological devices are harmful to our mental and physiological health. Because we are sitting in front of the TV and seeing movies for 5 to 6 hours which harms our brain.”

We know that it is very beneficial for human beings and it helps us to do anything in a simple manner. But the disadvantages of technology are also there.

It harms our skills and learning abilities and it also results in isolation which is lack of contact with other people. In our daily life, we isolate ourselves by walking around in our own little world.

Effects of technology, it has both effect positive and negative on the environment and it depends how we use it? On the positive side, it improves the environment and helps to develop it.

On the negative side, it is harmful because it harms our learning abilities and skills and causes our mind.

Pros and cons of technology, new technological gadgets and devices is an essential part of daily life. It is also improving to do more and more impressive things.

The Pros of tech is that it improves efficiency for business, more job opportunity, better communication and incredible medical care.

The cons of tech are that it divide social, generation of laziness and quickly becomes obsolete.


After reading all 10 reasons, you can understand that tech is the basic part of our life.

If we can’t have a tech with us then we can do some work but it may take a long time and low-interest to do work.

Some other reason also there if we work without tech then we can easily fatigue and we can’t do for a long time.

Now you can measure the importance of tech in our life. And our body does not has a habit to do any work without tech even we can’t live without tech.

In this article, advantages and positive use of the tech is written in detailed and disadvantage is written in less. But tech also has a disadvantage and danger effect.

I expecting that you must like this Article because this article is very informative and helpful to you.

Why technology is good 10 best reason
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Why technology is good 10 best reason
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