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Made To Measure Aluminium Windows

Made To Measure Aluminium Windows systems don’t expand or contract with temperature changes. This means they can be fitted more easily into your home and are less likely to damage or break seals.

They can also hold larger areas of glazing, letting natural light flood into your room. You can even choose frosted, ornamental or textured glass for enhanced privacy.

Thermia Barcelona(r)

El stand de Thermia Barcelona contiene una amplia gama de soluciones para puertas y ventanas que sirven de diseo, confort y silencio en las viviendas y edificios donde se instalan. Entre las opciones destacadas tuvieron especial protagonismo el nuevo sistema practicable de alta eficiencia energetica AR90+, los sistemas AF52 Mullion y GR48 Glass Rail. La empresa Ribatech, distribuidor oficial de Thermia Barcelona en Toledo, realizó la presentación con gran satisfacción.

Thermia Barcelona was founded 35 years ago by 2 brothers, Xavier and Josep Maria Blasi. They began their business in a small family store selling components for aluminium windows.

High-quality materials

When it comes to your home, the decisions you make have significant implications for its appearance and durability. You want to be sure you’re choosing high-quality materials that will withstand the test of time. This is especially important when it comes to materials that can be exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Our aluminium windows are made by Origin and designed to be both durable and beautiful. They are available in a wide range of colour options and come with a powder coating that offers a long lifespan. They also feature quality security measures that keep your home safe.

The strength of aluminium allows for slim sightlines which is perfect for modern homes. It can be used to create large expanses of glass that allow natural light to flood into the home. It is also a sustainable material that will last decades and requires little maintenance. Our aluminium windows are Police Preferred Specification Secured by Design tested as standard and provide a level of burglary protection that will keep your family safe.

Expert installation

The windows and doors you choose for your home are a big decision and a substantial investment. It’s important to find installers who have the experience and knowledge to ensure your new windows are installed correctly. An incorrectly installed window could let in dust, noise and other pollutants.

When installing aluminium windows, it’s important to check the measurements of the building opening (either an existing old window or a hole in the wall in a new build project). Often brick or block work isn’t perfectly plumb and this will affect gap sizes at different heights.

In addition to measuring the openings, a spirit level is also necessary for checking that the window is perfectly straight and level once it’s fixed. Aluminium frames can be levelled with packers or shims before fixing. The front gap can then be foamed in and sealed with silicone once it’s set. This will give a weatherproof seal and maximise energy efficiency.


Aluminium windows offer a sleek aesthetic and are extremely durable. If you’re replacing uPVC windows or building a new home, aluminium is the best option for your new doors and windows. It’s also more cost-effective than you may think and is suitable for a range of property styles.

The very best aluminium windows offer a wide variety of design options including colours and hardware. They are also designed to last for decades.

Unlike uPVC, aluminium is non-toxic and can be recycled endlessly without loss of strength. This makes it a sustainable choice for your home or business.

Most aluminium systems companies invest substantial sums in designing their products and bringing them to market. This ensures that the end product meets high quality and security specifications. In fact, problems with aluminium windows are rarely down to the system itself – more often the result of incorrect manufacturing or installation. Reynaers and Schuco, for example, work with a network of manufacturers to bring their windows to market.

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