10 Useful Tips to Increase YouTube Channel Views and Subscribers

YouTube, the world most famous video sharing website, has over 1 Billion registered users. Everyday tons of videos are uploaded on YouTube and only a few of the successful artists use the best webcams for YouTube. The YouTube is turning into a big platform for independent artists to promote their work globally. You can upload your own music videos or any other content that you have produced in your studio.

However, it will be pretty hard to get noticed by people out there unless you have already built an audience base before uploading your videos. If you are new to making videos and promoting them online don’t worry because here I am going to share 10 useful tips with you which can help in increasing your chances of being discovered by more people across the world easily:

1- Use a powerful webcam for recording YouTube Videos:

A good webcam for recording YouTube videos is the first step to go. A good web cam can make your video more attractive and professional looking. However, if you don’t want any hassle then I would like to recommend Logitech c920 which is pretty cheaper and easily available in most online stores like Amazon or eBay.

2- Do proper lighting:

Lighting is very important when it comes to making a video since It can help in highlighting your features and hide your imperfections. So you need keep that in mind before hitting record next time. Your light should be set up behind you not directly on top of camera otherwise it will reflect on screen resulting in getting bad footage at the end of day.

3- closeups:

There are many YouTube artists who make good use of closeups in their videos. It can help you capture your viewers attention and makes them feel as if they are watching you personally instead of seeing a video on web. I would like to recommend using an external webcam which has ability to focus on small objects such as Logitech c920 or any other camera that can easily focus on items that are closer to it.

4- Add some visuals:

You don’t necessarily need to play music while you record a YouTube video but adding some soundtracks can really help in crating a professional look plus it helps people with poor listening capabilities can still connect with what you say by reading closed captions synced along with the beat so here is the best piece of advice for you. Make sure you use copyright free music while recording your videos. If you don’t have a budget for buying a track, then subscribe to content providers like us, who give away royalty free tracks for artists and Youtubers.

5- Use other video-making tools:

There are other video editing software available out there which can help in enhancing the quality of your videos after recording them such as Hitfilm Express or Final Cut Pro X etc. So if you want professional results then go with high end software’s because even though they are expensive but at the long run they will save you tons of time and money plus it will allow you to do lots of stuff which is not possible with simple editors iMovie etc. They also offer cloud storage options nowadays where you can upload your videos online and they will take care of saving, editing, rendering etc. all in one place with ease. Read more about wondershare studio.

6- Keep it short:

Many new artists think that they need to make long videos in order to attract more people but this is not true at all. If you want to be discovered easily then keep your video between 3-5 minutes because most people don’t have patience for watching longer stuffs nowadays since there are lots of things competing with them for time so try to avoid making super big projects which drag on forever if possible just do the essential stuff only plus there is nothing wrong with asking viewers what would they like to see next instead of making something just because it fits into certain criteria.

7- Get out of your comfort zone:

Try to use different styles and techniques in your video to make it more attractive for viewers. For example, you can try mixing up closeups with wide shots or include some split screen footage if you like to work on two things at once (which is common nowadays). So look for ways how to make your video stand out from the rest because YouTubers are becoming more competitive everyday so they will take notice of only unique stuffs like this which give them an edge over others.

8- Collaborate:

If you want to be discovered very fast then collaborate with people who have well established channel online however keep in mind that you should not link yourself exclusively with other channels that can make you look like their sidekick instead try to work with other artists who are not doing the same stuff as you do. If possible, collaborate with DJ’s (if you are mixing music), online marketers (if you are making tutorials) or animators (if you are making vlogs).

9- Take advantage of trending topics:

This is useful if your video doesn’t fall into any specific category because people search different things everyday on YouTube related to what they like for example I searched “awesome videos” in YouTube one day and found an artist called Julien Lamoure who was using keywords effectively so his videos were being displayed for this term even though he didn’t have a single tutorial but he made good use of it by posting cool videos with flashy effects and special guest appearances which took him to the top of search results.

10- Promote your videos:

Please do not make any video without promoting it first even though you like making vlogs, tutorials or reviews but nothing will work if you don’t promote them correctly which means that you should be active on many social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and more because this will give YouTubers a chance to find your content easily by just searching for some keywords related to your video plus they can subscribe to your channel and get notified when you post new stuffs so always try to share links of all official pages of people you have collaborated with at the end of each project.

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