4 Health and Wellness Tips for Seniors

Getting older doesn’t mean sacrificing your quality of life. You can remain fit and healthy if you make good lifestyle choices. You might not be able to dodge the bullet of some illnesses, but by making paying close attention to your lifestyle, you can reduce your chances of succumbing to heart problems, high blood pressure, and worse.

Take Regular Exercise

Experts recommend that seniors should aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week. You don’t need to log all this exercise at once, as it can be split up into smaller sessions, such as a 15-minute walk or an hour spent doing some gardening. 

Choose exercise based on your health and abilities. For example, someone with arthritis might struggle with walking, but find swimming enjoyable because it is non-weight-bearing. 

Diet is Important

It’s easy to reach a certain age and think that you can eat anything you like. After all, it’s not like you’re trying to impress anyone anymore! Who cares if you gain a few pounds? At your time in life, if you want to eat cake, you should eat cake!

That’s all well and good, but as we age, we need plenty of essential nutrients to keep us healthy. You won’t need as many calories as a young, active person, and the wrong foods increase your risk of Type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Cut your salt and sugar consumption. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Protein is important too – fish is high in protein and essential amino acids. 

Consider taking supplements like Vitamin D for healthy bones and cod liver oil for joints. 

Maintain a Social Life

As many as 25 percent of seniors report being lonely and socially isolated in the US. It is important to maintain a social circle as we age, even if friends are slowly dropping like flies. Social connections are essential for mental health, which can help ward off depression and dementia. 

Arrange to meet up with friends for a coffee or a walk once or twice a week. Take up some classes and pursue all the hobbies you never had time for when you worked full-time. Chat with the grandkids on FaceTime and invite the kids over for Sunday lunch. 

If living alone is impacting your mental health and you feel isolated, consider moving into an assisted living San Diego facility like Belmont Village. Just the right amount of care is available, and you’ll be surrounded by people your own age, with a wealth of fun activities on offer. 

Keep an Eye on Your Physical Health

Schedule a regular physical exam with your doctor so problems like hypertension, diabetes, and cataracts can be detected early. Think of it as a health MOT. Even minor issues like poor eyesight can dramatically impact an older person’s life, as they won’t be able to do things they enjoy, such as reading the newspaper or tackling a crossword. 

Seniors today can lead active, fulfilling lives long past retirement. Make sure you are one of them!

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