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How to Rent or Buy in Bangkok

Finding the right place to rent, or potentially buy, can be stressful just to think about, never mind start looking into. But times have changed from yesteryear when options were limited and you would probably take the first place you saw. There are numerous ways to go about finding your perfect place to rent for a short while, or finding your dream place and getting on the property ladder. Here are a few of those for your reading pleasure…….

Online Property Portals

  • There are a number of different online property portals, that can offer up some of the real estate available. Bangkok real estate is some of the best around, and by using these portals, you can spread your net far and wide to be able to find whatever is right for you. They often offer extensive lists for renting and buying, detailed information that will enable you to decide what is and isn’t for you, easy-to-use interfaces, and even 3D tours, meaning you don’t even have to travel to the location to be shown around!

Walking Around Desired Areas

  • On-Site Visits – Probably more applicable for those of you looking to rent, but an option for buyers, is to get boots on the ground, establish an area or areas you would be happy living in, and simply be on the lookout for “For Rent” signs. This way, you are getting a real-time feel for the area you could be living in, so there are no surprises, and you may stumble upon a bargain you couldn’t find online.

Real Estate Agents

  • Local or International Agencies – Yes, real estate agents still exist, and they can take a huge burden of the stress away from you when looking to buy or rent. With their expertise and huge knowledge of the area, they can take what you are looking for, and give you a tailored experience to find you what you are looking for. Whether it’s an apartment in the middle of the city, or a small home on the outskirts to get your foot in the property door, let them do the dirty work, so you can enjoy looking at what is out there with a smile on your face. Here are some great tips if you are looking at buying a property anytime soon.

Word of Mouth

  • Networking – Still a valuable way of finding out good information, both for renting and buying. Whether you are asking people at work, people in your family and friends’ group, colleagues or acquaintances, there may be a shot that someone knows of a great property or has a lead to something that could turn out to be a winner. Don’t be shy in asking people if they know anything, as the more it’s out there that you are looking, the more chance something could come of it.

For renting or buying, make the most of the options available that we now have, but don’t neglect some of the tried and tested means that could spring a surprise, and get you what you are looking for. Here is some good insight into property ownership and renting for you to look at.

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