4 ways tool chests beat every alternative

At a cursory glance, the professional tool chest is not too difficult to understand.  Just as you have a chest of drawers for your clothes, the tool chest is simply a dedicated and high-quality place to store and organise the tools and accessories required for those important daily activities.

But don’t try to tell that to a true tool chest industry aficionado!  Why not?  Because they’ll just throw the question right back at you: “Then why not just buy a set or sturdy plastic tubs and just chuck all those tools in there?”

If you think that’s a fair point, then let’s dig just a little deeper into precisely why those tool chest aficionados – not to mention the most successful and prolific tool-centric workplaces and entities on the planet – are so intensely passionate about the shiny tool chests that justify the significant investment.

As ever, the beauty is in the detail:

  1. Colour/style

Yes, you’ll find the tool chest configuration you require for easy, secure, highly organised, convenient and mobile storage of those expensive profit-making workplace tools.  But there’s simply no rival to the tool chest in terms of exactly matching that storage, security and transportation need to the precise product you put on the shop floor.

Let’s start with the available colours and styles, and the realisation that wherever your preferences, branding or workshop theme sit across the spectrum of the rainbow, you’ll find the perfect match to both perform and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Layout

Now let’s take a look at the customisability of the layout, and understand that any comparison to a set of clothes drawers is not doing tool chests any justice.

For instance, many tool chest users go for a product that is absolutely perfect, but uniquely different, depending on whether those tools are ‘at home’ in the workplace or ‘on the road’.  Some configurations consist of key components that fit inside one another on the road but can then spread out once it finds a resting destination, whilst others more resemble a ‘Transformer’ toy that folds and spreads out when in use and then back into a much more compact unit for transport.

  1. Multi-purpose

Tool chest or workbench?  While you may think that’s two separate investments, you just haven’t explored the range of multi-purpose tool chests that aren’t just mobile storage units but also a premium integrated workplace with design finishes like high-quality hardwood tops, pull-out work surfaces for temporary use of things like laptops, and pegboards for convenient ad-hoc storage of tools at a glance.

  1. Premium quality

Some decent plastic storage tubs will do?  For the ultimate, premium, ultra-successful workplace that gives everybody true pride in their work, there is no substitute for the finest of first-class quality.  We’re talking about the smoothest-rolling lockable and fully-replaceable casters for a rock-solid workspace, soft-stop drawers riding on slick ball-bearing slides that rival any 5-Star kitchen, the highest grade corrosion-proof lightweight stainless steel and other premium materials and finishes capable of comfortably handling thousands of pounds of load – and much more.

Ready to select the perfect tool chest?

Are you ready to browse today’s exciting next-generation range of professional workplace mobile tool chests and cabinets?  Before you get started, take a moment to consider how to narrow down that incredible range to the precise product you go for:

  • The required durability (how hard do you need your tool chest to work?)
  • The required versatility (what do you need your tool chest to do?)
  • The required configuration (what type & how many tools do you need to store?)
  • The required extra features (for phone/tool charging, anti-tipping capability etc.)
  • The required value-for-money (bottom of the market, or eye-watering four-digit pricing?)

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