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6 Common Plumbing Problems | Plumbing Services Then & Now

The underdeveloped technology and lack of knowledge in health sciences caused a lot of people to suffer from various diseases in the past. People weren’t aware of what caused these diseases, and their cure. Therefore, people even died of minor diseases like diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, dysentery, etc.

Poor sanitary conditions have been a major reason for the outbreak of such diseases. People would go away from public places, in open areas for excretion and excrement. This would mean the waste would stay on the ground till handpicked.

Some regions also built toilets over rivers and small water bodies for the general public, to facilitate easy water supply and removal of waste. This was, no doubt, very damaging to the aquatic animals and to the health of people in the long run.

In contrast, today impeccable plumbing services can be hired at any time of the day or week, even in an emergency during the lockdown.

The above mentioned has not been the case for well-developed civilizations in the past, who had well-constructed toilets in their houses. For instance, the Egyptians had their toilet seats made up of limestone and other expensive materials and had a proper drainage system.

Moreover, people in some other parts of the world had an extensive drainage system under their houses to carry away the wastes.

Romans had public toilets for the common masses, which had a proper supply of clean water and an organized system that made sure to carry away the wastewater.

As it is obvious from the past that plumbing is not only something peculiar to our times, rather has been of great importance since the early times. But, the first modern plumbing system was introduced in the 1800s and has been only advancing since then.

The new technologies, advanced techniques, and resistant pipes have proved to be very useful for modern men.  Moreover, skilled and trained people have been handed over the professional plumbing jobs, who undergo special training to be able to work in the market.

The current pandemic that seems to have halted the world’s normal activities, has somehow also taught us to adapt our living styles. Cities under lockdowns do shut workplaces and businesses, but that doesn’t imply that you won’t have any plumbing issues.

Thanks to plumbers who are ready to offer their proficient services 24/7.

Common Plumbing Problems:

Emergency plumbing problems can become a serious headache for the homeowner, which if not catered to promptly, will pose major harms.

1.   Worn Out/Broken Water Pipes:

Leaking pipes release water that might seep into the walls and floorings, and deteriorate their structure and integrity.

Dampness on walls is a good habitat for molds and mildews, which can have negative impacts on health like cause severe eye and throat irritation, besides the foul odor they produce inside your home.

An old and weary pipe can be leaking at a very low rate, but heavy water flow can exert pressure on the pipe causing it to break down.

A broken pipe will thus have an overflow of water in your home, soaking your furnishings, destroying your furniture, damaging your electrical appliances, and the electrical system.

In the worst-case scenario, overflowing water can electrocute people in contact with it.

2.   Clogged Toilet:

A blocked toilet can be one of the disastrous plumbing problems, which if overflown, can enter your toilet floor and ultimately to the living area. Who on the mother planet would want the dirty and stinky water to enter their living space and contaminate their belongings?

It is for this reason that emergency residential plumbing services are there to protect you from such situations that might send shocks across your body by mere imagining about it.

3.   Broken Tap/Faucet:

A broken tap in the kitchen or bathroom can cause a lot of water wastage. A person who has no fixing experience would probably panic and want a plumber to get the faucet repaired or replaced as per their need.

4.   Malfunctioning Plumbing Fixtures:

Another urgent plumbing service that can be required is the replacement of tubs, toilets, kitchen sinks, washbasins, and showers when the older ones are malfunctioning and outdated. These plumbing fixtures require expertise and the right knowledge for installation.

5.   Broken Water Heating Devices:

It is during the winters when plumbing services are hired to get any broken water heating device fixed/replaced. Plumbers are ready to serve you with their expertise at any time on a cold day if you have a problem getting hot water to reach your bathrooms.

6.   Leaking Gas Pipe:

The smell of gas in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house is worrisome and should be traced down without any delay. Otherwise, one might get their entire house on fire. It is during this urgency when a residential plumbing service provider should be given a call.

A professional knows all the safe and right ways to find the problematic pipe and get it fixed without putting his or anyone else’s life at risk. An efficient plumber will also make sure that your belongings are not harmed during this fixation.


It is also for the reasons mentioned above that experts do not recommend trying to fix a plumbing problem on your own. Doing a DIY job can get you disastrous results that might harm you and your possessions to the extent irreversible. It is therefore advised to let the wise do the job.

Extra Tip:

Besides, before hiring a residential plumbing service make sure the company has the following properties:


Only hire those who have been talk of the town for a good period of time.


The ones who have been issued a license to continue working should be hired.


Those with an insurance company at their back covering any mishaps are worth giving a shot.

Starting from an apprenticeship, a plumber finds their way forward and becomes a proficient worker. So, a plumber can get you to fix any plumbing-related problem within a short span of time.

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