AI Merging with Robotics – The Future is Here

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is without a doubt one of the biggest tech developments for a few years; machine learning is developing at an alarming rate and that shows no signs of slowing down. At the same time, the robotics sector is also moving ahead at a fast pace and the two go hand in hand.

Science laboratories

The healthcare sector makes good use of robotics, with state-of-the-art liquid handling robot that eliminate human error and boost productivity. Robots are smarter, smaller and faster than ever before and they play an increasing part in 21st century pharmaceutical production. Drug production is almost 100% automated these days and if you are in need of robotic equipment, an online search will help you find a leading Australian supplier.

Are AI-managed robots sentient beings?

According to Google’s CEO, they have a robot that is aware of its own existence; I guess it depends on your definition of what a sentient being is, as to whether or not AI is sentient. The cutting-edge robots of today have personalities and they have been fed gigabytes of data to analyse that helps them to understand reality.

Driverless cars

Tesla is leading the way with driverless cars that demand cutting edge tech regarding processing audio and video data in real time. Experts predict that the future of humans controlling vehicles will soon fade away; AI systems will control traffic grids and vehicles are not permitted to get very close to other vehicles and objects.

Humanoid robots

They are already in development; forward-thinking companies such as Boston Dynamics have amazing humanoid robots that learn as time passes. They can, for example, gain a deep understanding of a human’s personality and sense of humour, so as your home robot, he or she gets to know you and can make you laugh when you are feeling down. Click here for how AI is merging with healthcare.

Manufacturing facilities

Most factories are fully automated, using robots that perform all the operations needed in the manufacturing process. A large manufacturing facility might have as few as one dozen employees to manage things. Robots work 24/7, they never get sick or need toilet breaks and they even learn on the job. While many jobs will be lost, retraining programs will empower people to make career changes to fit into the coming technical world. 3D printing is a game-changer and in the coming years, we will all have a 3D printer to make stuff. AI can design devices and 3D printing produces precise solutions that the consumer can create themself.

To conclude, AI and robotics are playing a vital role in the ongoing tech revolution and the potential is unlimited. The Internet of Things will be a highway for digital devices to communicate with each other, which is powered by 5G. This is an exciting time to be alive, as mankind and AI merge to boost human abilities.

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