Arizona Car Shipping: All the Information You Need

You’ve clearly looked up car shipping in Arizona if you’re here, and you may be preparing to move. Even while moving might result in a lot of happiness and new chances, the process of moving isn’t always perfect. To make sure the procedure goes well from beginning to end, preparation, consideration, time, and effort are required.

This also holds true if you’re sending an automobile somewhere else, such to an auto show.

It’s useful to have some knowledge when you’re choosing whether to drive your car to your new location or hire a business.

Not Every Business Is the Same

Surely all transportation providers are the same? It isn’t like that. The companies are not the same in many respects.


You must take their experience into account. Though all businesses have their humble beginnings, would you rather entrust the care of your 1967 Ford Mustang to an upstart with only a few months of experience or to someone with a limited list of references?

Services Offered

You must also take into account the services they offer. For example, not all businesses deal with premium or historic cars. Furthermore, even if they occur, it might only happen infrequently, and there might not be a set procedure in place for them. Shipping something that valuable cannot be done on the off chance. You need a business that specializes in dealing with them.


Furthermore, you’ll notice that different transport firms have varied ratings when you read their reviews. Some have a high volume of favorable evaluations for both their general and customer service. Then, in other instances, some have an excessive number of unfavorable ratings, raising an alarm.

Signing Up

Regretfully, not every auto carrying company is reputable and gets the supplies they need to operate. At that point, it can be helpful for consumers to do their research because certain businesses may not be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). To find out the status—or lack thereof—of a corporation, you can go visit the FMCSA website. Additionally, businesses will have profiles on the website where you can check if they have a good rating.

Security and Coverage

A company’s lack of insurance and bonding is another factor that could prevent you from having an automobile in the event of an emergency. That might be an expensive error.

Selecting Just on the Basis of Price Isn’t Helpful

Even while you want to save as much money as possible, you shouldn’t choose results from a search for “car shipping Arizona” just because of price. The least priced option might not have experience or have a bad reputation, even though the most expensive option isn’t always the best. Even still, do some research before selecting the least expensive option.

In the end, you ought to browse through the offerings on each company’s website. Examine what makes it special. There are instances when knowing your car will arrive at its destination safely and on time makes spending the extra money worthwhile.

When hiring a provider, always read reviews before entrusting them with your car. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the company, it is recommended that you peruse both favorable and negative reviews. But remember that a few bad reviews shouldn’t be an excuse to mark a business off your list.

Decide Whether You Prefer an Enclosed or Open Transporter

Not every company has transporters that are both enclosed and open. Therefore, if you’re looking for an enclosed transporter, especially, make sure the provider offers the one you want before choosing. This is particularly valid if you wish to protect your non-driving car from the weather. The enclosed transporter will cost extra, but if you properly safeguard your car during the transfer, it will be worthwhile.

The Insurance Policies of Car Transporters Vary

As previously said, you have to confirm if a business is insured. However, not every business is at the same level. So, while you’re making your selection, schedule a time to speak with a company representative. Before you commit, ask them to see a copy of the insurance policy and understand what it covers.

The Cost Varies According on Several Factors

It’s possible for you and a household member to transport your cars to the same location but receive separate bills. This is so because other factors also play a role.

If your car is big or heavy, the cost is more. A transporter can only move so many pounds in a safe manner. Consequently, the transporter won’t be able to transport as many cars if your car is heavy. The same holds true for larger cars as they will require more space. Whether you choose a covered or open transporter has an impact on the cost as well.

Availability Might Be a Problem

Some drivers may need to take many days to complete their lengthy excursions. As a result, a corporation might not be aware of the precise dates on which you must ship your car. Therefore, be careful to let the company know if you’re in a hurry, such as if you need your automobile for work on a specific day or if you’re sending the car for a birthday, and find out if they have any availability for that period.

Be Aware of the Prices Up Front

Due to various fees, the price listed on a website may differ from the actual amount you pay. As a result, be sure you understand the entire cost before signing any contracts.

Your Vehicle Will Be Inspected

A member of the AutoStar Transport Express staff will inspect your vehicle before it leaves the lot. This is a good move for the corporation since it protects against litigation arising from damage that occurred prior to shipping. However, it also offers you protection. You can receive just compensation without facing any inquiries if any harm were to occur, which the company takes efforts to avoid. In order for the staff member to see any imperfections in the paint or body, please wash your automobile before the evaluation. “Car shipping Arizona” is an often searched term since it can be the only option available in some circumstances to send a car. If you have options, though, you can decide whether to have the automobile carried or drive it yourself by learning more about the car hauling procedure and the companies’ fees.

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