Benefits of reading and how to create a daily reading habit

How often do you read? Every day, once a week, once a month? Whatever your answer, Buy Soma 500mg Online Without Prescription Reading is one of the hobbies that brings us the greatest psychological benefits, so incorporating it into our daily lives should be one of our priorities. However, sometimes responsibilities prevent us from finding time to read and in the end we end up reading much less than we would like, right? Well it’s over! Today I’m telling you five tips to incorporate reading into our daily lives and create a reading habit that makes us feel happy. 


Before delving fully into the tips for reading every day, I would like to share with you the positive repercussions that reading has, which by the way, are not few at all. Shall we bet that some of you don’t know her? 

– Helps you relax and release tension. It has been proven that reading reduces stress, since it makes us forget for a while the problems we face on a daily basis (delivering that report, attending that meeting, facing a presentation at the university….). Furthermore, if we read before going to sleep, we will fall asleep much faster and rest better. 

– It makes you more objective. Daily reading helps you see problems more objectively, since you can observe them in the books themselves and see the characters’ actions regarding them, giving you a more global vision, helping you reflect on them.

– Improves concentration. By isolating yourself from the world for a moment and focusing on reading, you increase your concentration and therefore, also your productivity. Furthermore, it is a good way to counteract the negative effects that social networks and technologies have on us , since they expose us to many stimuli at an almost intolerable speed that reduces our attention.

– Stimulates the brain. Reading helps us keep our minds healthy, since it stimulates our brain and provokes the same neural activity as playing chess or solving a puzzle. Its benefit is so positive that different research indicates that daily reading reduces the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

– Other benefits are the acquisition of new knowledge and learning, the increase in vocabulary and the improvement of Ghostwriting Agency, the improvement of analytical thinking (the associative power of the mind that connects and orders the information we receive) and a greater propensity to learn faster other languages.  


As you may have seen, reading helps us in many aspects of our lives, but how can we acquire a daily reading habit?  We know how difficult it is to find time to read between your daily responsibilities, but it’s not impossible! If you really want to create this healthy and pleasant habit, grab a pen and paper and I’m going to tell you a series of tricks so that you don’t go a single day without reading: –

Find a book that you like. The first step is to look for books that you might like, either because they belong to a genre you love, are the most recent publication by your favorite writer, or simply because the synopsis sounds amazing. Once you have a list of possible candidates, choose the one that makes you most curious or wants to read. A trick is that, if you are not used to reading, choose a short and enjoyable book. This way you will be sure to be able to finish it and you will increase your motivation to continue with your new reading habit. Here and here I leave you some books that you may like hire book cover designer.

– Organize your routine . Make a schedule with the activities you usually do daily and the time they take; this way you can look for free spaces to read. A good time is usually before going to sleep, although you may prefer to do it in the morning. Remember that also You can take advantage of the time on public transport !

– Read what you can. Unlike many literature bloggers, I do not recommend that you set a specific time for reading (for example, 20 minutes a day), but rather that you read what you can and feel like.  If one day it takes 5 minutes, they are welcome! And if another is two hours, then too. Stick to a minimum of a page or two and of course, don’t read if you don’t feel motivated (in that case you should change the book you chose, it may not be the right one for you).

– Write it down or tell it to someone . Like when we want to get in shape and we tell our friends that Buy Tramadol 100mg online in US Awe are going to go to the gym, or like when we want to start eating well and we share photos of our new recipes, the intention of creating a daily reading habit should be shared.  Telling a friend or writing it down on paper will help us much more than we think in developing this habit, since we will feel more committed to fulfilling it. 

– Mark your readings on a calendar. Finally, mark the days you read on a calendar so you can see the days you met your goal at the end of the month or the end of the week. The important thing is that in the long run there are more days marked than unmarked. I leave you a couple of Daily Habit Trackers from the Life on Waller blog that I found on Pinterest. I hope they help you!

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