Cost-effective Branding: Top Benefits of Using Roll Labels

Learn how roll labels can help you save more of your budget while increasing your productivity and boosting your branding efforts.

It is understandable when a start-up business opts to produce its own labels to cut costs. Small companies achieve this by printing sheet labels on simple home printers. If you are a small business and have a lean budget, DIY labels can make sense and might seem like the only option.

However, as time goes by and the demand grows, you will require higher quality labels to reach a broader market. Roll labels are a popular label format. These are self-adhesive stickers wound around a thick one to three-inch cardboard core.

Great customization options at cost-effective price points can only be achieved when you consult and go with print professionals. These printers apply their years of expertise, trade strengths, and operational efficiency to help you get premium quality labels at the lowest cost per unit.

Roll labels are an excellent option to explore if you want to create professional-looking labels. They are also the more practical choice. In this post, we take a look at some of the advantages of using roll labels to grow your brand while you grow your business.

1. Roll labels save you money.

Roll labels consume less paper and are not as costly to print as sheet labels. Add in the labor savings from eliminating the time-consuming manual application of labels. Furthermore, the use of automatic roll-fed labels speeds up the entire application process. With labels on a roll, you may benefit from speedier production and fewer delays in delivering items to suppliers and customers.

2. Roll labels save you time and effort.

The handy and user-friendly format is among the benefits of roll labels. Your labels are maintained neatly on a roll, which may be conveniently transported, stored, and handled, rather than on separate sheets. Roll labels may be applied swiftly to packages using a label applicator for optimal efficiency in bigger firms and factories.

3. Roll labels are versatile and easy to stack and store.

When dealing with roll labels, you can efficiently create custom product labels in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your requirements. When it comes to packaging design, this gives you more room for flexibility and creativity. For promotional events, you can even create customized runs of miniature promotional labels. Your products’ distinctive label shapes will help you stand out from the crowded shelves.

4. Roll labels get you from Point A to Point B a lot quicker.

Time is money, as we are all aware. When it comes to label printing, no business can afford to waste time. When custom label orders are delayed, the entire operation grinds to a halt, costing a company a lot of money. Labels on rolls print faster than labels on sheets. To produce premium, long-lasting product labels, high-quality label materials are fed into specialty digitized, roll-fed label presses that quickly produce and finish these labels.

5. Roll labels are available in small or large quantities and stocks are easy to keep track of.

Unlike printing sheet labels, roll labels allow you to tailor the quantity to your exact needs per roll. This is extremely helpful when you need to take quick stock of inventory for timing your reorders. Whether you need a quick label run for a specific purpose or a considerable volume output, your label printer can help get you what you want.

6. There are a variety of materials and colors to choose from for great customization.

When you decide to go for roll labels, you not only have a wide range of custom shapes and sizes to choose from, but you also have a variety of material and color options.

  • Environmental-friendly stock made out of recycled materials
  • Oil-resistant and moisture-resistant materials, perfect for beauty and health products, foods, and beverages
  • Label materials finished with a matte or gloss finish
  • Removable or permanent adhesives that help your labels stay put for longer
  • Unique labels with a metallic finish
  • Transparent and white stocks to create your desired custom packaging aesthetic

Furthermore, high-resolution, full-color printing accomplished via various print processes opens up an almost limitless range of design options. If you’re unsure which roll label material is best for your business, you should talk to a professional custom label printer about your specific needs.

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