God of Musician is the world’s first music streaming platform that supports high-definition audio.

Smart contracts based on the polygon The music and NFT industries will never be the same thanks to the blockchain-based music NFT initiative “God Of Musician” (G.O.M). The project is analogous to a chart on a billboard. GOM coin is the network’s official utility token. It may be used on the Gom platform. Through the implementation of the whole chain, the mission is to create the world’s most comprehensive blockchain-based music platform. Albums of music, melodies and lyrics, and even individual verses may all be made with the NFT version of this program.

Gminer is the cryptocurrency mining software that is used to produce GOM tokens. There are three levels of difficulty available in Gminer. There are three tiers: standard, intermediate, and premium. At this time, the only means to produce GOM tokens on the platform are through the use of the airdrop and the Gminer. Every day, a one GOM token is produced by a normal Gminer. There will be a VERY SMALL NUMBER of Gminers for sale.

After that, users have the option of either staking or holding their GOM tokens in order to gain further income or prizes. The amount of tokens that are staked determines how much profit the artists and performers make. Additionally, users have the ability to forecast the movement of songs in the top 100 charts and earn awards for their accurate predictions. The fact that a user will not lose his GOM tokens even if his incorrect prediction about the progress of the song on the chart is one of the most important considerations to make in this context.

Regarding Gsound

As long as users continue to vote and mine on the site, holders of Gsound will continue to receive dividends on a regular basis. Those who hold higher Gsound ranks are eligible for rank-matching rewards whenever those ranks receive promotions themselves. Users are encouraged to support good music and performers in order to raise the artists’ profile and interest levels.

Investors that vote in favor of GSound and commit their cash do so in order to increase their chances of receiving ongoing dividends. As a holder’s GSound level increases, they become eligible for an increasing number of advantages and rewards that correspond to their position.

The Methods Behind Staking

Using their G.O.M coins, investors are able to secure mining operations on the Gsound of their choice. Because of this, they are eligible to compete for the award in question. This Gsound shareholder is qualified to receive continuing dividends and has the opportunity to do so.

In circumstances involving lock-up mining, it makes predictions on the rise and fall of ranks. If your prediction turns out to be right, you will be eligible to win the reward. There is not a mechanism in place to penalise those who are unsuccessful.

Voting Mechanism

Additionally, the platform grants voting rights to the DAO community. GOM token holders have the right to participate in the management and decision-making processes of the organization within the context of this framework. Token holders exercise power collectively by voting rather than being subject to the control of a single, all-encompassing authority figure in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Because all votes and activities conducted through the DAO are stored on a blockchain, the public will be able to view the results of any actions performed by users of the platform.


The project is scheduled to be finished in four parts by the year 2022 and will continue to evolve during the course of its duration. During the initial stage of the project, the team will focus on developing the website, forming partnerships with musicians, promoting the project on social media, writing a white paper, launching the token, and constructing a music NFT incubator platform.

During the second phase, the primary emphasis will be placed on the pre-sale of the Gminer as well as the presentation of musicians. The group will focus its efforts on marketing and publishing. The team will strengthen the community and increase the marketing efforts via the use of influential people.

During the third phase of the project, the project will be recruiting musicians from all around the world, producing Gsounds for those performers, and activating the Godboard top 100 charts.

The last phase will see the beginning of music trades as well as transactions including Gsound. Users will have the ability to keep NFTs and earn incentives for doing so.

How To Register

To begin, users are need to go through the account registration process on the site. After that, consumers will be able to listen to a wide variety of musical styles, and musicians will be able to submit their music albums and individual songs in the form of NFTs. Last but not least, users have the choice to either trade or auction off their NFTs.

If you are interested in learning more about the initiative, be sure to check out their website and follow them on social media.



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