How Cisco switches commands work?

According to a research claims that IT spends 80% of their budget on maintaining lights. This high cost arises from the fact that companies spend money on the most expensive equipment, the latest box with many blinking lights, and expensive personnel who must be specially trained in the various components that keep the network infrastructure running. However, when you use a Cisco Switches for small business, you can easily enable various devices on the network to communicate with each other. This creates powerful layers of communication that simplify operations and minimize complexity. If you are new to this idea of​network switching for small business operations, keep reading. We’ll take a closer look at your switch options and find out why you need to invest in Cisco Switches for small business.

Almost all Cisco devices use Cisco IOS to operate and Cisco CLI to manage. The basic CLI commands for all of these are the same. In this guide we’ll discuss all Cisco commands that can help us in our daily life. There are following types of commands.

Basic configuration commands:

There are many basic configuration commands in following.

Command Purpose
Enable It logs you into the enable mode which is also called user privileged mode also.
Interface This command enters you in interface configuration mode for specifying fast Ethernet interface.
Reload This command reboot the Cisco router
Configure terminal It logs you into configuration mode
Copy This command helps you to copy files from one location to another
Write erase

Erase startup-config

It enable the mode that delete startup confiq
Shut down

No shut down

This command used in configuration mode, shut down is use to shuts down the interface, no shut down means active the interface


Troubleshooting commands:

Command Purpose
Ping It is used to diagnose basic network connectivity.
Speed This command manually set the speed of specified value or nogotiates it automatically.
Duplex This command manually set that duplex to half full or auto//?
CDP run

No CDP run

This command can enable or disable Cisco discovery protocol.
Show mac address table This will show the mac address table
Show cdp It shows CDP is enabled globally.
Show interfaces It will display complete information about interface status.


Routing and VLan commands:

Command Purpose
Router ip It enable routing information protocol routing process, that enter you in router config mode.
Version 2 In router config mode, it configures the software to send and receive only RIP version 2 packets.
No auto summary It will disable auto summary in configuration mode.
Default-information originate This command generate a default rout into RIP in configuration mode.
Show ip rip database It will generate a default route into RIP.
Switchport access It assign this port to VLan
Vlan It creates a vlan and enter configuration mode for more definitions.



In this complete guide we tried our best to explain Cisco switches commands, that can help you in daily life use. We hope this information will be beneficial for you. We’ll come back with more interesting information. Stay healthy stay safe!


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