How to Find Intel Motherboard Model?

While exploring how to find the Intel Motherboard model, you must be aware of the ways to reach the model number. The game never ends here; people also search for the manufacturer, serial number, version, and other details to make their device in their hands.

However, it is not difficult to get the facts by using the appropriate way. For example, numerous ways can be used to acknowledge the model number of the Intel motherboard.

Being a user of Intel devices or laptops, consumers want to know how to find the model number on an Intel motherboard and the rest of the information. Thankfully, the Intel motherboard has three numbers placed on it that the users can easily read.

An Intel motherboard comes with the model number, serial number, and version number. If you want to know how to find Intel motherboard model in windows XP?  

They have mentioned it on the motherboard as the utility of users for updating the drivers. Let’s make it more easy-to-do with the ways in this article.

Ways to Find the Intel Motherboard Model

To find the technical specifications of your system is possible with the supported ways. You can also have a good motherboard for i7 7700k and get all the details. 

Prior to moving next, keep in mind that you can get the motherboard model number, manufacturer and serial number with the document that came with your system or laptop. But if you have no such option, then you can use the following ways.

Are you searching for an Intel motherboard model? Then here are the ways that you can use for this purpose.

 Condition 1: Motherboard Box

If you have the motherboard box, then try these ways.

  1. There are three bar codes and three strings of numbers on the label of the box. And guess what? These are the model, serial, and version number of your motherboard.
  2. The version number begins with AA, which is the identification hint for the users.
  3. The motherboard number of Intel is written with the alphabet D along with other numbers. So you can recognize it with this clue. Read more about wondershare studio.
  4. This is the longest number written on the label box when it comes to the serial numbers.

Condition 2: BIOS Utility

The second option is to use the BIOS utility for finding the motherboard model.

  1. If you have IBM-compatible computers, then run the BIOS utility by turning on the computer. Then, press the F2 key to boot up the system.
  2. Stop at the main menu to select the things in the BIOS menu.
  3. Access the System Identification Information.
  4. Take the motherboard identification number in the board information.

Condition 3: Intel Board ID Tool

In the third condition, you can use the Intel board ID tool with the underneath ways.

  1. You have to download the Intel Board ID Tool. It is available on Intel’s support website.
  2. Open the downloaded file by double-clicking. Install it and run it for work.
  3. This software automatically caters for the Broad ID status, version number, BIOS version, and board model.

Condition 4: Through Computer

This is the best way to check the Intel motherboard model. Undoubtedly, the most popping question is how to find an Intel motherboard model in windows 7? The answer is the following ways.

  1. Reach the access panel of your computer.
  2. There is a green or tan portion with an “Intel” print on it.
  3. It has white stickers with barcodes and numbers that are known as the board identification numbers.

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