How to remove avast from gmail

how to remove avast from gmail

Gmail is the best and free email service that is at the top of the list of email services. The demand uses, features and many other things are more than of Gmail from other email services. Gmail is known as a multi-purpose email service that is famous due to its features. Because it can provide you all those tools which you want. However, you should buy Gmail accounts for user accounts for your digital marketing. I think when you will use Gmail accounts for your business; you will forget all other email services.

Introduction of Gmail

It was the Thursday 1st April 2004, when Google has given an email service to solve a lot of problems of people. According to Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, people will now make a strong relationship with each other through Gmail. And all this is possible through the use of Gmail accounts.

Security and space memory are the concerns of the invention of Gmail. Because the existing email services failed in both these features and the main aim of introducing Gmail was to fill all the back draw of email services.  At the time of invention, Gmail was consisting of 1 GB of free memory, and high secure security layers were added to it. There were limited features of Gmail at the time of creation. But all these features were more useful than other email services like Yahoo as well as Hotmail.

How to remove Avast from Gmail

As you know that all social media apps, as well as email services, are facing the problems of viruses. And due to these viruses, the data of your account could be deleted, and then it will be creating some problems regarding your accounts.  But Gmail is a famous email service that can bear lot numbers of attacks from these viruses. And these viruses could be removed easily rather than other email services.

Avast antivirus is the best antivirus that could be used to make your sending and receiving emails from viruses. Because it can work like a scanner that makes secure your conversation. However, the use of this antivirus is important. Because this can forward your emails after scanning and remove viruses that can insert your signature from your email.

In this article, we will discuss that which method is the best which could be used for removing avast from your Gmail account. And it should keep in mind that there are different types of messages those are designed for different scanners.

List of mail scanner messages

There are some types of messages those are designed for use for avast. And these messages are automatically inserted into your Gmail to make secure your mails that you send or get.  It should keep in mind that the words that are chosen from avast could not be changed. However, there is the option of removing an avast signature from your emails and you can stop the messages but cannot change these.

There are some important types of messages those are created for different versions of avast. The main important version of the message is virus-free and it is important for 2017& 2018 avast software. There is another version that is avast antivirus 2014& 2015. Another important avast antivirus is the 2016 version and it could add through a computer that is totally free from viruses. There are other types of avast antiviruses that are used for the oldest version and its name is avast version 7. If you are using this avast, then to get better results from it, you should upgrade it. However, when you will buy Gmail accounts for your professional and personal life then you will need to learn about all these messages.

Above, we have discussed some important messages those could be sent while sending emails. And if you want to remove these messages from your emails hen you should follow some steps that will be discussed below.

Steps of removing avast

Here are different types of messages and if you want to remove all these messages then you will need to adopt different ways for different messages.

  1. First of all open the interface of avast antivirus and press on the menu and then press on settings.
  2. After it, there will be the option of protection and after clicking on it, you should choose core shields.
  3. When you will click down it, then you should choose to configure shield settings and after clicking on it, press on mail shield.
  4. There will be all boxes checked and only a single box will be unchecked that’s heading will be “Add a signature to the end of sent emails”.

When you will follow on above steps then there will no message that will send to all emails. And avast antivirus will be removed from your emails.

2018 version avast signature removing

As we discuss above that there are simple steps of removing avast from Gmail. But here we will discuss that how we can remove avast from the 2018 version. It is also so simple and it consists of some simple steps.

  1. First of all, you will need to open the software of avast antivirus.
  2. After opening it, you should press on the settings icon of avast software.
  3. Then there will be some tabs and for getting the results of removing avast from your Gmail account, you should choose the General tab.
  4. In the below general tab, there will be the option of “Enable avast email signature”. It will be unchecked and you should turn it on to check.
  5. After clicking on it, you should press on Ok through that it will be confirmed.
  6. It is the main important step and if you do not follow this step, then you will fail. After complete the process, you will need to restart your device and then it will open you will get your goal.

Now you can check that it has removed from your Gmail or not. However, when you will follow these steps, you will be a success and there is being no longer of avast in your Gmail accounts.

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