How to solve Amazon restricted products policy violations

Although Amazon allows you to trade a variety of products all over the world. However, there are still items that are considered forbidden or not allowed to be traded. What does Amazon restricted products policy mean? Amazoker will explain and provide ways to deal with policy violations in the article below.

What is Amazon restricted products policy?

Business on Amazon is seen as a good source of income for a lot of sellers. Especially when you offer low-competitive products, it’s much easier to make a profit. However, you should only sell products that are not on Amazon’s restricted list. If you list a product that does not comply with the system’s regulations, you will pay a high price for this action.

What does Amazon restricted products policy mean?

The Amazon restricted products policy is understood to refer to the items that are restricted by this e-commerce platform, which does not allow sellers to list in the catalog of products to be marketed. Some products are licensed, but you need to make an Amazon order and wait for approval.

Amazon restricted products policy covers alcohol, drugs, electronics, weapons, explosives, arms, etc.One example is that gambling products or alcoholic beverages will be restricted in some parts of the world. Amazon has always sought to preserve its reputation, so there are special regulations for sellers of these products.

In addition, some food-related products are also strictly regulated to ensure safety. In short, if you list a product that isn’t authorized by Amazon, it’s going to have a big impact on your prospects for future sales.

How to handle policy violations

Doing business on Amazon isn’t easy. Whichever product you sell requires a licensing system to be counted as compliant. For breaches, depending on the extent, Amazon will have appropriate remedies. If you’re part of the violator group, please refer to the following steps.

The seller made a complaint

Most sellers don’t want to go against Amazon’s rules because they do not want their accounts suspended. However, there are still cases where users don’t know why the account has been restricted by listing privileges, the account is suspended, or the rights are restricted.

In these cases, complain to Amazoker using the following steps:

The seller can complain to Amazon about the status of the account

Step 1: Clearly state why the account is believed to be in breach.

Step 2: Review the rules that Amazon requires – things that directly relate to your case.

Step 3: Make a plan to deal with the violation.

Step 4: Take action to solve the current problem and plan for action in the future. Check out Amazon’s regulations for adding information, removing banned items, or updating account setting-related information.

Step 5: Submit the complaint, including the purpose, reason for the application, and actions to resolve the problem.

Step 6: Wait for feedback from the Amazon e-commerce exchange system

Amazoker’s Amazon Appeal

If the seller is unable to take action on his own or the Amazon complaint is unsuccessful, contact Amazon immediately. The company specializes in providing account complaints, resolving policy violations, and helping customers continue their business on this e-commerce platform.

The Amazon Appeal service includes the following highlights:

Reputation is number one

By choosing Amazon Appeal, customers will be committed to credibility. Just visit the website, and then select the service. The rest of the process will be handled by Amazoker’s experts. The company will send you the best results after processing the complaint.

Amazoker’s complaint process is fast and professional

High Success Rate

Customers who come to Amazon always appreciate what the service offers. Amazon’s complaint process is professionally conducted and committed to high success rates. Maybe you didn’t know that the company used to support up to 95% of its customers to resolve their complaints successfully.

Cheap price

Amazon Appeal is a highly competitive service. Therefore, Amazon always offers the most reasonable price while still satisfying the interests of the customer. You only have to pay once, and Amazon’s experts will contact you and help you take Amazon complaint steps until successful.

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Good customer service

Amazoker’s Amazon Appeal service is partly chosen by many people thanks to its dedicated, professional customer service. The staff will contact you and provide all the information you need related to the service. If you have any questions, you can also contact our staff for the fastest possible support.

Amazon’s customer service is always appreciated

This article helps you understand the concept of Amazon’s restricted products policy as well as how to complain to Amazon. If you can’t make a complaint yourself, use Amazon Appeal to get the most professional process support. Customers can find information at 

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