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Reasons of choosing white kitchen cabinets with black hardware

White cabinets look very beautiful. But the colour of hardware ( it means handles or some other things that are used for your cabinet ) used with white colour cabinet is also important. So you should be very careful while choosing the colour of the hardware used with your cabinets.

 How to choose the colour of hardware for white cabinets:

You need handles for your cabinet to open and close easily. Here some important points are discussed that can help you in selecting the best hardware for the cabinets of your kitchen:

  1. Knobs and pulls:

There are two types of handles, one is a knob and the other is a pull. The choice is totally yours that which one you select for your cabinets. Knobs are available in different shapes such as in square, in round shape and in many other shapes. Knobs are easy to install and their duration is not so long. They break after some time but pulls are better than knobs. Pulls are available in different lengths. Choose the length of pulls according to the size of your kitchen.

  1. Type of metal:

You should choose that metal for your knobs and pulls that is best and whose duration is long. Some people use both pulls and knobs for designing their kitchen. It’s not important to have the same colour as your cabinet and hardware. It’s your choice, if you want the colour of your hardware to be different from the colour of your cabinet or if you want the same colour for them then you can do it. Read more about high gloss kitchen cabinets.

Reasons of choosing white kitchen cabinets with black hardware:

There are many reasons for choosing black hardware for the white cabinets. Some main reasons are described below:

  • Best combination:

The main reason for choosing black hardware for white coloured cabinets is their combination. Both these colours look very beautiful with each other. And these colors are liked by many people.

  • Increase the beauty of your cabinets:

The combination of black and white in your kitchen cabinets makes your kitchen beautiful and different from others because both these colors look very beautiful.

  • Choice of many customers:

Many people like both black and white colour, and have a great love with these colours, therefore, its best to choose black hardware for your kitchen.

Which measures are taken for the protection of white kitchen cabinets with black hardware?

You should follow the following measures during the cleaning of white cabinets.

  • As we know that white colour becomes dirty soon, so it should be treated carefully.
  • Always use such products for the cleaning of white cabinets that don’t damage the colour of your cabinet. Some products give yellowish colour to your cabinets so don’t use such products.
  • Use a soft cloth for the cleaning of your cabinets. Because a hard cloth can have scratches on your cabinet.
  • You can make a solution at your home to clean your cabinets. Take warm water, add vinegar and baking soda to it. Store this in a bottle and spray it on the area which you want to clean.

How much does the installation of white kitchen cabinets with black hardware cost?

The cost of installation of cabinets cost a maximum $9,000 and a minimum $5,000 but this price is not fixed, it can vary. However, installation of hardware on cabinets cost almost $100 to $300. Installation of hardware on cabinets take a few hours.

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