SAP Business Technology Platform vs Azure

The business landscape of today is highly dependent on technology, as it is the only way to keep up with the competitive edge of the market. Tech transformation of the company has become the core of its existence, and the key to unlocking its potential. One of the essential layers of functioning is provided by business platforms, which offer all the necessary tools and services to settle in the digital environment. 

Among all the tech innovations existing today, there are the two that make the biggest difference – SAP BTP and Microsoft Azure. Let’s learn the opportunities they offer to help you decide on the most efficient tool to implement. 

SAP BTP ( Business Technology Platform)

SAP BTP is one of the leading solutions to consider when building a scalable and sustainable business infrastructure within a digital environment. 

The SAP Business Technology Pplatform is a unifying tool for data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration; put simply, SAP BTP is an instrumental environment for business development and growth, as it offers all-encompassing digital facilities to cover all its needs. 

Core Benefits of SAP BTP:

1. One-solution-fits-it-all

SAP BTP is a viable solution for startups, allowing them to create an impeccably functioning structure right from the start; for mid-sized businesses, who are planning on extending their market presence; and for already functioning businesses that require advanced tools to manage multiple points of presence, refine the structure of management, and integrate with numerous third-party applications. 

2. Consolidation of interactions

SAP BTP looks like a single platform, yet it contains numerous interfaces related to every direction of business functionality. It helps to manage multiple business units and departments, consolidate all the transactions, and thus, streamline all the inbound and outbound operations, to top it all – there is full visibility into all the processes and procedures taken during the day.

3. Integration

One of the biggest advantages of SAP BTP is the ability to extend the areas of control using the application of the same ecosystem. SAP BTP can host a variety of other SAP products that help to organize and monitor practically every sphere of the company’s performance, be it a supply chain, transportation, financial management, human resources, etc. 

4. High level of customisation

SAP BRP allows its users to build a robust structure, where all the technical aspects are customized according to the needs of the customers, creating a unique digital environment. 

To sum up, SAP BTP is an efficient type of software, whose features let any type of business grow and maximize the market output. While the results of SAP implementation exceed all the expectations, it can only be reached when hiring a team of professionals, who have a proven track of SAP implementation, like LeverX. 

LeverX is an SAP Global Strategic Supplier with 20+ years of experience, whose developers always keep up with all the improvements and upgrades of the SAP ecosystem. If you have any questions, contact SAP Implementation partner LeverX to get more professional assistance on the matter. 

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

Microsoft has created an all-encompassing digital world, which satisfies the needs of ordinary users, and those who require more advanced software and tools for business needs. 

Azure Virtual Machine is a multifunctional platform that allows businesses to develop, test, and run programs, store and extend data centers, and support Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM. 

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Core Benefits of Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine

Reliable partner

Microsoft has started the digital environment worldwide, continuing to grow its impact globally. Microsoft Azure is a time-proven provider of scalable cloud solutions to its business partners, allowing them to establish a solid presence in a chosen niche.

The global distribution of Microsoft Azure is provided by countless data centers, which allow developers to deploy apps and services in relative proximity to their users. Such an approach lowers the latency, and thus, elevates the overall performance of the company.   


Scalability is one of the core features of the business of today. It creates a highly efficient environment, where all the ideas regarding extension are tested and validated. Depending on the outcome of testing, features can be scaled up or down, letting businesses continue to search for the most workable solutions. 

Friendly UX/UX design

Azure offers a universal solution that lets businesses administer all the cloud apps, servers, and endpoints with non-stop accessibility. Yet, despite such a load of functionalities, it is relatively easy to navigate, as all the interactions are intuitive, providing a seamless functioning of the system. 

Extensive integration

Azure is a good option to consider if you are a fan of Microsoft products like Windows Server, Active Directory, and Office 365; all the integrations, as well as migration, are relatively easy to perform.

Azure Virtual Machine is a product of Microsoft, which is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the digital environment. Its efficiency is always beyond reproach, yet the pricing policies may be rather burdensome for mid-range businesses. 

The Final Thoughts

The business world is at its height as all its interactions and communications are propelled by innovative and advanced tools. Considering a multitude of aspects to control and organize, businesses require unified environments to bring together data, analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, integration, etc.

The two leaders of the market are SAP BRP and Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine. They both possess plenty of opportunities for their users, and a long list of stories of success. Having analyzed both options, we would stick with SAP BTP due to its all-encompassing nature, and the fact that you can easily integrate with its ‘native’ SAP modules, to bring more clarity and structure to your company. 

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