Temp recruitment agencies may want to check out this temporary recruitment software

To run a highly successful recruitment firm, having dependable technological allies is crucial, particularly when it comes to recruitment software. There are numerous benefits to be gained from using reliable recruitment software, such as our very own Voyager Infinity. For agencies specializing in temporary recruitment, the use of software can dramatically change the way in which they operate, allowing them to fully exploit their company’s potential.

The necessity for temporary recruitment software

Recruiting firms that specialize in temporary staffing face just as many difficulties as those that focus on permanent or contract-based recruitment. To overcome these challenges, staffing companies of all sizes can benefit from utilizing a high-quality recruitment customer relationship management (CRM) software like Infinity. It is crucial in today’s recruiting landscape to have software that streamlines the hiring process, enables swift placement of candidates, and boosts overall productivity.

Recruitment software for temporary agencies is an essential tool that recruiters rely on day-to-day to manage an extensive pool of candidates, streamline workflow, and gain insight into business requirements. By adopting such software, recruiters can enhance their recruiting methods, while simultaneously minimizing obstructions and inefficiencies.

The integration of Infinity technology has proven to be a valuable asset in the management of the temps desk. By utilizing the Infinity platform, the desk is able to streamline their processes and improve their overall efficiency. This technology provides intuitive tools for scheduling, communication, and task organization, allowing for a more seamless workflow.

Features and functionality for temp recruitment

When it comes to exceptional recruitment software, Voyager Infinity delivers on all fronts. With its comprehensive CRM functionality, Infinity provides recruiters with a wide range of benefits, including increased productivity and the ability to handle high-volume recruitment with ease. Whether it’s streamlining everyday recruiting tasks or facilitating effortless growth, Infinity is the ideal partner for all your recruitment needs.

The features that make it particularly suitable for temporary recruitment agencies are the array of potent integrations, the mechanisms to ensure compliance, and the exceptional customer service.

Our company provides a Mid-Office pay and bill application that streamlines the financial work carried out in the back-office. This software enables you to easily import placements, process timesheets, and generate invoices. As a result, it reduces the burden of prolonged pay and bill procedures, while also preserving the precious time of busy recruiters.

Infinity’s Temps Planner streamlines the recruitment process by equipping recruiters with the ability to manage bookings in a more efficient and effective manner. By utilizing this tool, recruiters are able to quickly and accurately identify temp records that match specific requirements and then assign the most qualified and available candidates to multiple shifts. Additionally, the platform simplifies the confirmation process by allowing recruiters to easily confirm bookings through email or SMS. The rating system is particularly advantageous, as it allows recruiters to provide recommendations to clients regarding the most suitable candidates for each role.

Our temporary recruitment software is acclaimed for its ability to simplify the management of temporary placements with the inclusion of E-sign and i-Maps features. E-sign offers a secure and hassle-free way for users to approve and sign crucial documents. As long as they have an internet connection, clients and candidates can efficiently fill out forms and swiftly send them back after signing. The innovative i-Maps feature allows for the calculation of shortlisted candidates’ locations and travel times through route planning and distance searching. This is an essential tool in enhancing the process of temp placements.

Easy compliance management

Maintaining compliance with constantly evolving rules and regulations is one of the primary obstacles faced by temp recruitment agencies. In order to navigate this legal landscape, it is crucial to establish and maintain strong partnerships with knowledgeable individuals. Infinity provides temporary talent acquisition teams with a user-friendly and uncomplicated solution for meeting all compliance requirements. read more

One of the most efficient methods for guaranteeing compliance checks is through the use of Infinity, which offers a straightforward yet potent solution. The software performs automatic assessments to ensure that all regulations, including the Working Time Directive, GDPR, AWR, and IR35 requirements, are met. Notably, it promptly identifies non-compliant individuals, thereby expediting the recruitment process for recruiters seeking the most qualified candidates. As such, the compliance manager feature is an indispensable tool for recruiters, enabling them to verify and track compliance status with minimal effort.

Providing outstanding service to customers

Our commitment at Voyager is to maintain our distinguished standing as a provider of exceptional customer service. We deliver a prompt support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our outstanding reputation is reflected in the numerous positive reviews we have received on Trustpilot.

Our approach as a company is to act as a business partner with our clients. Building a great relationship with clients is at the core of what we do.

Easier temp recruitment is just a step away

In the high-paced and cutthroat realm of temp recruitment, success hinges on the ability to complete tasks with speed and efficiency. To thrive in this competitive market, having a software system that offers a comprehensive solution is essential.

With our temporary recruitment software, staffing agencies are equipped with the necessary resources to swiftly place highly qualified temporary staff, surpassing the competition. By employing Infinity, the process of recruiting the ideal candidates has been simplified to an unprecedented degree.

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