Tips For Taking Pictures After A Road Accident 

You might know to call an ambulance, law enforcement, and the insurance company after getting into a car accident. These steps are crucial to maximize your chances of winning. However, another vital step you should not miss is taking pictures of the accident scene. Pictures right after the accident serve as strong evidence for investigating the claim. 

The more time passes, the more evidence is likely to disappear or fade away from an SC accident scene. The other party may even hide or remove some evidence from the site. Before all these things happen, you should take as many pictures and videos as you can. Once you collect enough digital evidence, get in touch with an attorney from the Ty Robinson Law Firm

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Tips for taking pictures after a road accident 

  1. Document the damage. 

If you have ever watched a crime show, you must have noticed that the police officers and investigators focus more on the damages than the other areas of the accident. You must take a shot of the tiniest damage done to the car, road, street lamps, nearby vehicles, skid marks, or other objects. 

  1. Get enough pictures of the road. 

One thing you should not miss is capturing the pictures of the road. For example, it is important to capture things like ice, snow, potholes, or other road conditions that might have contributed to the accident. If there was debris on the road, make sure to click a shot. Your pictures should also capture the location of the accident, for example, in front of a hotel or a school. 

  1. Start clicking as soon as possible. 

When it comes to clicking pictures of a car accident scene, it is highly recommended to act fast. If you are physically and emotionally able to get up, start clicking pictures before anyone has the time or opportunity to tamper with the evidence. While smartphones come with good cameras these days, having a digital camera with you is best. It is possible that your phone will get damaged in the accident. In this case, try asking a stranger for help and borrow their device. 

  1. Take photos of your injuries. 

While you click pictures of the accident scene, do not forget to capture the most important evidence: your injuries. In personal injury cases, the more severe the injuries are, the bigger the compensation amount is. Moreover, you will need this evidence to ensure you get the maximum compensation possible to cover all your damages. 

After a road accident, gathering evidence is crucial for building a strong case. Once you have gathered evidence, reach out to a skilled attorney immediately. 

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