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Types and Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Swimming pools can improve the value of your home. Plus, relaxing in your own private pool is the ultimate luxury. But during the summer months, the rays of the sun can be very harmful and cause several skin diseases. Hence, you require pool enclosures to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays. Well, apart from protecting from the summer heat, you can ensure protection even when it is cold. In addition to this, they can protect you from alligators, bugs, and debris if you ever come across them. Since you know a few benefits, you can read further to learn more about them. Before that, get to know their different types.

What are the different pool enclosure types?

You will find several pool enclosure types like standard screen, two-story, and so on.

  1. Standard screen enclosures: Standard screen enclosures can create a barrier around the area of the pool. These screen structures keep alligators, debris, and unwanted insects out of your pool and deck. You can attain the standard screen enclosures in a wide range of sizes and roof types. You can ensure that they will be suitable for your needs and styles.
  2. Two-storey enclosures: Two-storey enclosures can enclose balconies since they are built to include the second storey of your home. It helps add a usable room to your outdoor living space. Due to the height of the enclosure, it can provide you with a spacious feeling.
  3. Extreme view: If you don’t want to obstruct your backyard view and want to enclose your pool, the extreme view enclosure is right for you. Since many enclosures require vertical posts, they can block the view. Hence, screening material and a specially engineered frame can eliminate the requirement of several vertical posts. It provides an unobstructed view of up to 54-feet wide and creates a “picture window” to your beautiful backyard.
  4. Custom enclosures for pools: You can customize the enclosures depending upon your backyard. They can be designed and created to enclose unique and tricky spaces.

What are the benefits of pool enclosures?

One of the assets in your home is a swimming pool. You can have a pool party in unpredictable weather with the help of enclosures. So, read on to learn some more advantages of installing them.

  1. It helps you save money: Since the enclosures can keep your pool at the perfect temperature year-round, you don’t have to be concerned about temperature changes. Plus, they will reduce your long-term costs by keeping the water warm.
  2. It provides security for kids and pets: You might be wary about your children and pets being around an open pool. With a pool enclosure, you can keep your risks down. You can either enclose a particular section or the entire area. You can have increased safety and security with the sidewall, windows, doors, and end panels. If you can lock your pool enclosure, it can allow your neighborhood to be safe. If you prefer more privacy, pool enclosures can stop people from watching you and your children without your consent.
  3. It reduces the use of chemicals: In case you have chlorine in the pool, the sun’s rays can burn it off. You might have to top up your pool with chemicals, which can be time-consuming and expensive. When you utilize the enclosures, it means that you can use fewer chemicals and block the harmful rays of the sun. Using chemicals regularly can impact your health negatively. You can have breathing problems, eye irritation, and it can allow the bacteria to build up in the swimming pool. With the help of enclosures, you can reduce the number of chemicals and control exposure to dirt, phosphates, and pollutants. You will be able to clean the pool in a short amount of time.

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