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Despite the fact the Netherlands is a European country, surrogacy laws differ from most common European ones. There are some key ways that surrogacy in the Netherlands differs:

  • Commercial surrogacy is legal – The Netherlands is one of the only countries in Europe that allows surrogates to be paid beyond just expenses.
  • Fewer restrictions – Intended parents do not need to be married or be Dutch citizens. Surrogacy is accessible to LGBTQ+ individuals and couples.
  • Protection for surrogates – Strict screening and oversight exist to ensure ethical standards and prevent exploitation of surrogates.
  • Allowed for non-medical reasons – Dutch  niederlande surrogacy leihmutterschaft can be utilized not just for infertility but also lifestyle reasons or convenience.
  • Limited role for agencies – Agencies cannot broker deals or financially profit. They only provide information and match parents with surrogates.
  • Push for alternatives – The Netherlands still encourages adoption and research into artificial wombs rather than surrogacy.

So while surrogacy is legal and regulated, the Dutch system maintains a more neutral stance compared to countries that actively promote or fully prohibit the practice. There is still some ongoing ethical debate around commercial surrogacy. But generally their policies are among the most progressive in Europe regarding surrogacy.

Feskov leihmutter agentur is a surrogacy and fertility treatment clinic based primarily in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The main IVF clinic and surrogacy agency offices are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.

Feskov operates additional clinics in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Surrogates matched with intended parents come from all across Ukraine. The agency sources them nationwide.

Egg and sperm donors for IVF procedures are also Ukrainian citizens recruited by Feskov.

While based in Ukraine, Feskov facilitates surrogacy services for international intended parents from all over the world.

Intended parents travel to Kharkiv or Kiev for consultations, key procedures, and to take custody of the baby.

The affiliated maternity hospital where births take place is located in Kharkiv near the main clinic.

Cost savings

Surrogacy in Ukraine is much less expensive than options in Western countries, often $30,000 – $50,000 total.

Fast match times

Abundant pool of potential surrogates allows faster matching compared to long wait times elsewhere, for instance, in the Netherlands.

Liberal laws

Ukraine has few restrictions on surrogacy, including allowing single parents and gay couples.


Donor egg/sperm can be used anonymously without disclosure required.

High IVF success rates – The clinic touts some of the best IVF and implantation rates globally.

Package deals

All-inclusive pricing for medical, legal, travel components streamlines the process.

Tourism add-ons – Options are provided for accommodation, tours, language assistance to make stay comfortable.

24/7 support

Personal case managers and staff available at all hours provides reassurance.

Guarantee programs

Refund and retry guarantees offered in case of failed attempts.

Visa assistance

Help arranging visas and documents needed to travel to and from Ukraine.

By promoting advantages like cost, ease of access, high success rates, and comprehensive services, Feskov appeals to international intended parents who face greater barriers or expenses pursuing

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